Download: Internship Form

Off-Campus Programs

The College at Oneonta offers students the opportunity to earn academic credit by working off-campus in a field related to their majors.  Students may work in a variety of areas, including but not limited to business, law, government, communications, music, psychology, and social work.  Placements are in New York State and other areas where College supervision is possible.

Credit Granted

Students may earn credit in PROF 224 (non liberal arts) or through departmental credit, where available and if qualified.  The internship/apprenticeship programs yield varying amounts of credit.

Summer Interns

Departments may sponsor opportunities for summer internship credits.  Summer session tuition and  fees apply.  Summer session internships entail periods of service ranging from three to ten weeks.

Terms and Conditions for internship eligibility are:

  1. Completion of 57 s.h.., including a minimum of 12 s.h. at the College at Oneonta.

  2. A cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 and a major GPA of at least 2.00.

  3. Credit is granted on the basis of 1 s.h. for each full work week (normally 40 hours).

  4. Part-time work may be prorated over the semester if necessary

  5. A maximum of 15 s.h. of internship credit during the fall or spring semesters, or up to 12 s.h. during the summer can be earned.

  6. A maximum of 16 s.h. of internship credit, including student teaching s.h. can apply toward the undergraduate degree.

  7. Students should apply during the semester preceding the internship.

  8. Prior approval for all internships is required. Retroactive approval will not be granted.

  9. Internship experiences will not be approved until all eligibility requirements are met.

  10. Internships may be denied for a number of reasons including but not limited to, a location outside the supervised geographic area, sponsors related to the student, or experiences lacking sufficient academic content.

  11. The College cannot guarantee that every student who applies will be approved for an internship.

  12. Internships include an academic component such as written papers, journals, portfolios, etc. that are used as part of the evaluation process.

  13. Students may accept internships that pay a salary and/or a stipend toward expenses.

  14. Faculty members, their immediate family, or their employees may not serve as on-site internship supervisors.

  15. The department chair will determine the suitability of a sponsor and/or student for an internship experience.

  16.  Under no circumstances may these terms and conditions, or any of the College’s policies and procedures concerning internships be waived.

  17. Departments may append additional requirements to this form.

Regular tuition and fees apply for internships.

Check with department offices for information and departmental requirements in addition to the College Requirements.