Office of Registrar: FERPA QUIZ


Protect our Students

Protect ourselves

Your access to Banner and/or to Banner Web makes you the custodian of the student records that you access.  Student information is specifically protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974. 

FERPA prohibits posting of grades using student names, the Oneonta ID or Social Security number or any part thereof.  It is permissible to post grades using a code name agreed to by you and the student.  The code name must not be the Oneonta ID number or social security number.

It is a violation of FERPA to leave students' graded course work in a general pick up area.  Graded course work must be returned individually to students.

Violations of this law can result in termination of Federal funding to the College.  Please do not release Student record information to a third party without first consulting with the College Registrar.



Because it is the right thing to do

Because the Federal Government requires us to do so.

This tutorial is designed to give you a base level knowledge of the rules governing release of student information.

Enter the tutorial!