Importing Class Rosters into EXCEL


First you must go to Faculty Services and log in.  You will find a link labeled "Summary Class List".  Following this link will allow you to select a term and then choose a particular class to view. Once you choose the appropriate class, you will be presented with the roster for that class and at the bottom a link that says "Import to EXCEL".  Clicking on this link will generate a web page that simply has a list of students' last name, first name and so on, with each piece of information separated by commas.  This is referred to as a comma-delimited file.

You need to copy this list.  Select Edit- Select All- and then Edit- Copy-.  Then go to Start- Accessories- Notepad- to open Notepad.  Notepad is a very simple word processor essential for processes like this.  Go to Edit- Paste- in Notepad.  Your comma-delimited text is now in Notepad.  Now you get to do File- Save As- and save the file to your desktop and give it a name like class1.csv (the bit in front of the dot is unimportant, but the file extension must be csv which stands for "comma separated values"). Close Notepad and open this file in Microsoft Excel

If you have questions about or problems with this process, call the Help Desk at 4567.