Summary of
Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations


  • Vehicle registration fee is $20.00. A vehicle cannot be registered if there are outstanding fines. All fines have to be paid.
  • Annual registration is effective August 1. Expiration date for the academic school year is August 31.
  • Purpose: to offset the actual cost of registering vehicles and to exert better control of parking on campus
  • Fee must be paid for the registration of a vehicle by any member of the College community. The same charge will apply for replacement of a lost registration decal. Individuals registering multiple vehicles must pay a $20.00 registration fee for each vehicle.
  • Proof of ownership and state motor vehicle registration is required. 
  • Charged to all students and employees.
  • Students living off campus are eligible for "Commuter" parking permits.  Residential students with 57 or more completed credit hours are eligible for "Resident" parking permits.  Resident freshmen and resident sophomores may not register a vehicle for use on campus.


Parking Fee
(tax included)
ANNUAL $20 $80 $100
FALL $20 $40 $60
SPRING $20 $45 $65
  • Purpose: to better maintain and improve existing parking facilities.
  • Loss of Decal: any claim of a lost decal will result in the owner paying the full amount of the parking fee to replace the decal.
  • All campus parking and traffic regulations are in effect 24 hours every day. Green parking decals are good only in green lots and are required for parking in those lots 24 hours each day, seven days a week.  Purple parking decals are ONLY allowed in the purple areas.


  • Space availability: a parking decal does not guarantee the holder a parking space, but only an opportunity to park within a specified area or areas.
  • Drivers are responsible for finding an authorized parking space. Lack of parking space, mechanical problems, or inclement weather can justify an infraction/towable offense.
  • Decal Ownership: a parking decal signifies an individual has been granted the privilege of parking on College property. The College reserves the right to revoke this privilege if the user refuses to comply with the College's Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations.
  • Decal Display: parking decals or passes must be displayed according to the parking regulations or the special instructions provided at the time of issuance. A parking decal is not considered valid unless it is displayed correctly on the vehicle.


To be valid, the decal must be properly affixed on the left rear side window of the vehicle in the top left corner. (Taping or partial application does not meet the regulations of properly affixed.)


Parking is permitted only in marked stalls in paved lots and at bumper blocks in graveled lots. Parking is not permitted in any area not identified as a parking space. No sign means "No Parking".


Every member of the campus community parking a vehicle (this includes motorcycles) in College lots and consistent with the current applicable collective bargaining agreements must purchase a parking decal. Every member of the campus community parking a vehicle in College lots must pay a registration fee.

CLICK HERE for a parking map of the campus.

Decal Color


Lot Sign/Color



Blue; Blue/Red





Resident Student

Green lots ONLY


Restricted Student



Commuter Student

Yellow lots ONLY

White Vendor/Contractor See UPD
  • Overnight Parking: overnight resident parking is allowed in the green lots ONLY. Overnight visitor parking is allowed in designated areas of the Hunt Union and Tobey yellow lots. Overnight visitors must obtain a night permit at University Police. This night permit is valid only until 8AM the next morning.
  • Snow Removal: No parking 2AM-6AM in designated lots from November 1 through March 31.
  • It is prohibited to park in "No Parking" areas, in a handicapped space without proper handicapped permit, blocking fire lanes, fire exits or within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, blocking doorways, in loading zones unless actually loading, in service entrances, construction sites or spaces reserved for maintenance vehicles, on the lawn, sidewalk, crosswalk, blocking parking lot entrance ways, straddling painted lines, exceeding time in time-limited areas, in lots where the permit is not valid, or on the roadway where parking is prohibited.
  • The registered purchaser of a parking decal is responsible for the parking violations of vehicles displaying the decal.

Visitor passes may be obtained at any time at the University Police office, at the Netzer Administration reception desk, or other campus locations as designated by the Director of University Police.  The Motor Vehicle Laws of the State of New York and Department of Transportation Orders are applicable and enforceable on property maintained by the State University.  All drivers are expected to know and observe State Motor Vehicle Laws, Department of Transportation Orders and Campus Parking Regulations.


Exceptions to registration rules for freshmen and sophomores will be considered for the following reasons:

(1) Medical Reasons - requires a letter from a licensed physician indicating a legitimate medical need after being presented to the college medical director, at the College Health Center, for approval.
(2) Employment - requires a signed, notarized letter on company letterhead from employer stating days and hours of employment. Letter shall include telephone number. A current payroll stub may also be required.


Disabled members of the campus community with mobility impairment should contact the local Department of Motor Vehicles or your local municipality. A College parking decal is also required as well as any parking application fee.


Violators of the parking regulations will be penalized as follows:

(All violations within the school year)

Number of Tickets

Amount of Each

1st through 3rd ticket


4th through 5th ticket


6th and subsequent tickets


Handicapped and fire lane violations will be assessed at $100.00 per offense.

Late Fee: $15.00 for any offense not paid within 30 days.


A parking citation may be appealed by filing a completed appeal form at or University Police Department (Alumni Hall) or the Student Accounts Office (Netzer Administration Building) within 10 days of the summons issuance.  Also, you are responsible for any late fees that occur 30 days and beyond, regardless whether or not it is in the appeal process.  If you need to contact the Parking Appeals Committee, you may do so by email .


University Police is authorized to tow, at the discretion of the officer, at the owner's expense, any motor vehicle parked illegally in any posted tow away zone on campus, any abandoned vehicle, a vehicle parked illegally in a handicapped space, a vehicle in a fire lane or blocking a drive or building emergency exit and a vehicle that obtains multiple summonses. 


The parking decal must be placed on the vehicle immediately. If a decal is lost or stolen, the owner of the vehicle will pay the full amount of the fee to have it replaced. Recovered lost or stolen decals should be returned to the University Police immediately.


When a person replaces one vehicle with another, it is necessary to remove the decal from the window and bring it when applying for a new decal. There is a fee for a replacement decal. Unless the University Police is presented with evidence that such decal has been removed, the full parking fee will be charged.  Decals are non-transferrable.


Parking fee refunds will only be made for individuals who are leaving the College community (e.g., withdrawal of a student, termination of College employment) and who request a refund. The refund request must be made in writing to the University Police. The applicant must return the decal to the University Police. If a person has paid for the full year and leaves before the beginning of the fall semester, a full refund will be issued. If a person leaves during the fall semester, but before the spring semester begins, the spring portion of the fee will be refunded. Registration fees are not refundable.


Parking Office is open Monday - Friday 8AM to 4:30PM. Summer hours are from 8AM to 4PM.  If you need assistance during these hours, call 436-2644/2645 or email at

Copies of the complete Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations are available at the University Police in Alumni Hall. We are open 24 hours each day. On campus dial 3550. Help is just a telephone call away.