Emergency Response Plan

*Under Revision*

Updated 08/2007

Table of Contents (Printable PDF with page numbers)

Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Incident Command System

Section 3: Emergency Situation Guidelines & SUNY Central Notification

Section 4: Campus Emergency Operations Center

Section 5: Emergency Response Coordinating Officer

Section 6: University Police

Section 7: Incident Command Post Procedures

Section 8: Environmental Health and Safety

Section 9: Facilities/Information & Technology

Section 10: Public Relations

Section 11: Business Affairs – Legal Concerns

Section 12: Relocation Plans

Section 13: Site Specific Plans

Section 14: Emergency Telephone Numbers

Section 15: Guidelines for Campus Emergency Response Booklet Information

Section 16: Memorandums of Understanding (MOU)

Section 17: Emergency Notification Protocol

Section 18: Disaster Contingency Plan for Food Service

Section 19: Athletics – Protocol for Injuries or Death

Section 20: Emergency Services Plan for City of Oneonta

Section 21: Otsego County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

Section 22: Counseling Center Crisis Response Guide

Section 23: NIMS Forms/NIMS Guidelines

Section 24: Business Continuity Planning

Section 25: Avian Flu/Pandemic Flu Continuity Plan

Section 26: Moe Pond Dam Emergency Action Plan

Section 27: Otsego County Flood Management Plan

Campus Human Resource Personnel Information Manual
            Phone Numbers, Emergency Contacts, Building Assignments

Campus Student Directory

Chancellor’s Task Force on Critical Incident Management

Empire County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

Local County Emergency Plan

National Response Framework