SUNY Oneonta

The President’s Council on Diversity was first established in 2003 to move the College forward in creating a welcoming and bias-free environment. 

The Council continues its work toward valuing differences, fostering inclusion and supporting excellence; and has accepted the following charge:

    1. To advise the President on issues regarding campus diversity and campus climate;

    2. To collaborate with administrative units in collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative institutional diversity data, including periodic campus climate surveys; 

    3. To contribute to the development of diversity initiatives in key campus-wide planning documents, and to identify best practices that would assist in effective implementation;

    4. To serve as a resource for faculty, staff, departments, and senior administrators in their efforts to incorporate principles of diversity and inclusion in hiring, retention, curriculum, teaching, and campus life;

    5. To assist in creating a welcoming and inclusive campus culture and climate for all members of the campus community;

    6. To produce an annual report of the Council’s work, including a reflection on the status of diversity at SUNY Oneonta.