Charge to the Presidentís Council on Diversity

  1. To act as an advisory board to the President on issues regarding campus diversity and campus climate

  2. To research, assess, and make a recommendation to the president about the critical functions performed by the Office of Equity and Inclusion and the continuing need for an office or propose other options

  3. To collaborate with appropriate administrative entity(ies) to collect qualitative and quantitative data (including campus climate surveys) and recommend responses

  4. To review the diversity initiatives in key campus-wide strategic planning documents, recommend appropriate changes to the relevant initiatives, and suggest strategies for effective implementation

  5. To work with faculty, staff, departments, and senior administrators to incorporate principles of diversity and inclusion in hiring, retention, curriculum, teaching, and campus life

  6. To assist in creating a welcoming and diverse campus culture and climate for all students

  7. To promote transparency by communicating clearly regarding their work and the status of diversity and inclusion on campus and facilitate campus-wide communication regarding diversity and inclusion