Roundtable on Diversity Series

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The Roundtable Series is a forum for the campus community—faculty, staff, and students—to engage in conversations and reflections about subject matters that impact our lives, including our work and learning environments. The premise of the Roundtable is that every participant contributes to, and benefits from, the process. At “the table” everyone is equal, that is, every single member will be a valued participant in our discussions and reflections.

The Series provides a non-judgmental, intellectually enriching, and experiential space for members of the campus community to engage in inspiring, and sometimes difficult or controversial aspects of diversity processes.

The members of a Roundtable Series will engage for a period of time on a single theme. Each Series will vary in length depending on the subject and medium used for discussion and reflection. Some can last a few weeks, others a semester.

The Roundtable Series’ potential outcomes include personal and professional enrichment of our own understanding of the role that diversity has in our lives, looking at diversity through multiple lenses, and community building across campus constituencies.

Implausible Friendships

The First Roundtable Series
Every other Thursday
From Noon to 1:15

Join students, staff, and faculty for the first Roundtable Series entitled: Implausible Friendships.

Lunch-time viewing of amazing documentaries, followed by group discussions examining the startling, surprising, sustaining, and enduring connections that individuals can make with each other, even as they start from extreme positions of conflict, differences, and sometimes hate.

The following documentaries will be used to aid our discussions, reflections, and personal experiences:

An Unlikely Friendship; Kontum Diary: The Journey Home; Blacks and Jews; Improbable Pairs; Namuamitabul Christmas; and Peace of Mind: Co-existence through the Eyes of Palestinian and Israeli Teens.

This Roundtable Series’ Chronicles will be documented by Sallie Han, Anthropology Department, and Susan Bernardin, English Department. The discussions will be co-facilitated
by Bernadette Tiapo, Cecilia Zapata, Dale Capristo, and Robin Nussbaum.

The documentaries, group discussion, and reflections are the first Roundtable of Diversity Series, a forum for all the College community to engage in conversations about subjects that matter in our lives, work, and learning.

“The Implausible Friendships” series will be held on Thursdays (see schedule below) from 12:00–1:15 and lunch will be provided.

September 3, September 17, October 8,
October 22, November 5, and November 19.

Roundtable Agreements of Engagement

Respect Confidentiality

Listen with Respect

Say Ouch to the remark, Not the person who made the remark

Share for yourself and not for others

Observe the time schedule




September 3

An Unlikely Friendship
Ms. Ann Atwater will be present



September 17

Peace of Mind:
Coexistence through the Eyes of Palestinian and Israeli Teens



October 8

Improbable Pairs
(South African Documentary)



October 22

Namuamitabul Christmas



November 5

Kontum Diary: The Journey Home
Mr. Paul Reed will be present



November 19

Blacks and Jews