Student Accounts Office



When a formal complaint is filed which alleges a violation of one of the harassment policies, a panel of three members is drawn from the standing Tripartite Committee to act as an impartial judical body. One panel member is chosen by the Complainant and one by the Respondent. The third member is chosen by the two already chosen members. The selected Tripartite Panel will be the sole fact-finder in regard to the complaint. They will examine the evidence and then send their findings and recommendation to the College President.

The following members of the campus community are currently serving on the Tripartite Committee:


Bassette-Farone, Lynda
Grau, Monica
Levins, Craig
Nicosia, Melissa
Ranieri, Tracey
Shastri, Anuradhaa
Sorin, Gretchen



Andrew D. Stammel, Affirmative Action Officer
133-B Netzer Administration Building
(607) 436-2835