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Last year the U.S. Supreme Court upheld race-based affirmative action on student admissions decisions. The following document provided by the Departments of Justice and Education provides questions and answers about the Fisher case.

Fisher Q & A



Affirmative action is frequently in the news in the United States. The following is a recent sample of some affirmative action headlines:

"Next Chapter for Affirmative Action"

"Obama Targets College Sexual Assault Epidemic"

"Affirmative Action's Stigma"

"Status, Not Race, Should Be Basis of Affirmative Action"

"Supreme Court to Hear Affirmative Action Case"

"California Ban on Affirmative Action is Upheld- Again"

"The Death of Affirmative Action"

"The Affirmative Action War Goes On"

"California Affirmative Action: Campus Diversity Suffers Under Race Blind Admissions"

"To Enroll More Minority Students, Colleges Work Around the Courts"


Title IX has also been in the news more frequently as of late.

"Title IX Anniversary: Maryland Cuts Cheerleading But Was it Ever a Sport?"

"Title IX: 37 Words That Changed Everything"

"Colorado Lawmaker Lauds Title IX"

"Title IX's Impact on My Life"

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