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The Affirmative Action Advisory Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the President and the Affirmative Action Officer concerning issues of discrimination, equal educational and employment opportunities, and a hostile working and learning environment.  The Committee membership is representative of the campus community.  The members are college community resource people, who advocate the ideals and principles presented in the affirmative action plan and help to produce programs and strategies to diversify our Campus community. 

The Affirmative Action committee is asked to uphold the general responsibilities mentioned above and its members affirm their commitment to a working and learning environment, free of discrimination and hostility.


The Committee charges are as follows:

    • The Committee will use the Annual Affirmative Action Plan to engage in discussions and actions with departments and offices.
    • The Committee will engage in professional development activities that will further the work of the Committee and its contributions to the well-being of the College.
    • The Committee serves as advisor to the Affirmative Action Officer for ideas, programs, policies, and activities affirming the values delineated by affirmative action legislations and goals.
    • The Committee engages in research relevant to the College’s Affirmative Action core values in a bias-free environment and makes recommendations to the President.
    • The Committee works with the Affirmative Action Officer in programming related to the professional development of employees on continuously developing legislation and case law related to diversity and affirmative action, as well as promoting a bias free working and learning environment.

Committee Members: 2013-2014

Craig Levins: Student Disability Services; x2137

Kathleen O'Mara: Africana and Latino Studies; x2593

Bianca Tredennick: English; x2395

Hilgrove Delancy: Facilities; 3243

Benjamin Dalecki: Student

Susan Bernardin: Women's and Gender Studies, English; x3225

Melissa Nicosia, Chair: Sponsored Programs, EAP; x2294

Craig Bielert: Psychology; x3219

Lorraine Hall: Employment Opportunities; x2581

Elliot Ruggles; Gender and Sexuality Resource Center; x2033

Andrew Stammel: Affirmative Action Office; x2835

Individuals are free to go to any member of the Affirmative Action Advisory Committee to discuss their concerns or to make suggestions.  Official complaints must be filed with the Affirmative Action Office.


Andrew D. Stammel, Affirmative Action Officer
133-B Netzer Administration Building
(607) 436-2835