Office of Equity and Inclusion


President Alan B. Donovan established the Office of Equity and Inclusion in February 2006. The inception of the Office was one of the several initiatives proposed to President Donovan by the President’s Council on Diversity.

The Office strengthens the College by building on its commitment to teaching and a culture of student engagement, and furthering civility, trust, and respect for all citizens of the College.

Rotating Photos We recognize that our students will continue to excel inasmuch as we affirm that our differences and uniqueness are also our greatest strengths as a community, that our professional and personal lives are enriched by learning from one another’s life experiences, backgrounds, and cultural and intellectual perspectives.

We also acknowledge that diversity alone is not sufficient to build the SUNY Oneonta we envision in five years and that a culture of inclusion is paramount for our institution to be a College of choice for students, faculty and staff.

The Office of Equity and Inclusion is dedicated to supporting the equity, diversity, and inclusion endeavors of SUNY Oneonta’s academic divisions, administrative departments, and all offices. Important to our mission is our work with both individuals and groups in their efforts to feel included and have voice in shaping our community. We further strive to acknowledge, embrace and affirm a broad vision of diversity that recognizes emergent communities and their needs in our effort to be truly inclusive. The Office accomplishes these ideals through engaging in cross divisional collaborations, participating in and providing professional development opportunities to build consensus and understanding, and working tirelessly to create an inclusive civil working and learning campus community. Revision approved Spring 2016

Diversity Statement

The College at Oneonta is an academic community that values diversity. Diversity at the College is an inclusive value that encompasses race and ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity and gender expression, age, ability, socio-economic status, and other aspects of identity.

As a campus community, we believe that every individual is important in a unique way and contributes to the overall quality of the institution. We are committed to recruiting and retaining diverse faculty, staff, and students, and to fostering a learning environment which draws strength from, celebrates, and honors diversity. We strive to eliminate prejudice and discrimination; to respect the dignity of all persons; and to learn from differences in people, ideas, experiences and opinions.

Environment for Learning, Living, and Working Survey

Main Charges to the Office of Equity and Inclusion

Tapestry Award for Diversity and Inclusion

President's Council on Diversity


Terrence Mitchell
Mr. Terrence Mitchell
Chief Diversity Officer

Andrew Stammell, J.D., Affirmative Action/Title IX Coordinator

Faith Tiemann, Manager, Center for Multicultural Experiences

Zanna McKay, Faculty Associate in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Marita Gilbert, Director, Gender and Sexuality Resource Center

Mary Bonderoff, Director, Student Diversity and Advocacy

Anne Winchester, Secretary

133 Netzer Administration Building
SUNY Oneonta
Oneonta, New York 13820

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