SUNY Oneonta

Health Insurance Coverage


Contact Human Resources at x2509 for more information about the following
or any other Health Insurance Issues.

To change your coverage and/or add/delete dependents in a timely manner, you must contact  Human Resources no later than one (1) week following a "qualifying event." Late notification may result in a lengthy waiting period. Examples of "qualifying events" include:

  • Marriage, divorce, legal separation, termination of domestic partnership

  • Birth of a baby

  • Change in spouse's employment status/eligibility for health insurance

  • Dependent reaches age 26 or enters military

Disabled Dependents

  • You must provide proof of dependent's disabled status every two (2) years.

Other Dependents

  • Children who reside permanently with you who are not your natural children, legally adopted children (including those waiting finalization of adoption) or your dependent stepchildren may be eligible for coverage if you can provide certain documentation.