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Regional Opportunities


Prospective employees at SUNY Oneonta often ask us about employment opportunities for their spouses or partners. When considering relocating to the Oneonta area, they are not only interested in employment but also need information on human service organizations, volunteer opportunities, public school districts and real estate resources.


Oneonta is situated almost exactly halfway between the metropolitan areas of Albany and Binghamton, both of which are about an hour and twenty minutes away on Interstate 88. The Utica-Rome area is a little over an hour north of Oneonta on well-maintained state highways.

Within this radius of movement there are plenty of employment opportunities in many different fields. For the sake of convenience we have grouped our links to human resource departments of major employers by themes like health care and education, but those seeking employment should remember that these employers frequently offer positions that are not necessarily directly related to their fundamental mission. For example, hospitals hire administrators, engineers, legal representatives and maintenance people as well as health care professionals.

Each general category will present the user with a page that shows a map of the region around Oneonta with a series of markers that represent employers. The markers can be clicked on to reveal an information tag with the name of the employer, a link to its human resource department and another link to a map illustrating the distance, time and best route between it and Oneonta.

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