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Applying For A Position At SUNY Oneonta


Applying For A Position At SUNY Oneonta

Thank you for your interest in employment at SUNY Oneonta. This information will help you to understand our employment procedures. If you have any questions, please call our staff at 607-436-2509. SUNY Oneonta is an EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity)/ AA (Affirmative Action)/ ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) employer. Browse our position openings.


To apply for a full-time faculty position in a department which does not currently have a vacancy, send a letter of application and vita directly to the department chair of the subject you are interested in teaching.

To apply for a part-time faculty position, send a letter of application and vita directly to the department chair of the subject you are interested in teaching.


Announcements of professional vacancies at Oneonta and other SUNY campuses are posted in the Office of Human Resources and online. Information on how to apply is included in the vacancy announcement.


If you would like to be considered for a lateral transfer from another State agency, please submit a letter and resume to the Office of Human Resources. At the time of a vacancy, we will review applications in the agency transfer file, but the College has no obligation to interview or hire agency transfer candidates.


Custodial: Approximately every two years, SUNY Oneonta advertises for the title of cleaner. At that time the New York State Department of Labor (Job Service) collects applications for SUNY Oneonta. SUNY Oneonta then establishes a "pool" of eligible candidates for employment.

Maintenance: Because SUNY Oneonta is unionized most vacant maintenance positions are filled by promotion from within based on seniority. Some are filled based on a civil service exam. If no person on campus meets the minimum qualifications for a vacant position, it would then be advertised in the Daily Star and filled by the most qualified applicant.


Clerical and Secretarial positions are considered "competitive" positions and are filled from civil service lists for the appropriate title. The two most common entry level positions for clerical or secretarial positions are Keyboard Specialist I and Clerk. The Keyboard Specialist I exam is normally held approximately every three months, although at this time the Department of Civil Service has suspended that exam until further notice. The Clerk Series, which is used to fill a variety of entry level clerical positions such as Clerk I, Calculations Clerk I, Stores Clerk I and Mail & Supply Clerk, is offered approximately every four years.

To see a complete list of all upcoming exams, visit the New York State Department of Civil Service and Otsego County web sites. Please remember that these sites include exams for all titles filled throughout New York State and Otsego County specifically, and may not be a title that SUNY Oneonta uses.