SUNY Oneonta



The College is pleased to announce that it has contracted with Thomson Reuters, a Compliance Learning company, to provide online training, on topics required by law, to all SUNY employees, on an annual basis. Open the links below for details.


Information Sheet


Q: How often do I need to complete this training?

A: This training needs to be completed once each year for as long as you are employed by SUNY. It is necessary to complete the training annually for several reasons, including:

  • As your employer, we are required to provide such training annually.
  • Changes to the laws occur and updates are made.
  • Your work/position may change and the relevancy of each topic/your perspective may change.
  • Repetition helps us remember.

Q: Do I need to complete all the courses at once?

A: No. You can start, stop and return at a later time to where ever you stopped.

Q: What is my user name?

A: Your user name is your SUNY Oneonta work email address.

Q: What is my password?

A: Your password is your last name.

Q: What should I do if I need to reset my password?

A: If you need to reset your password, contact Gail Feuer in Human Resources at x2509.

Q: Why am I getting so many emails?

A: Emails sent regarding this training are as follows:

Announcement: One email is sent to all employees to announce the annual online training will occur.

Assignment: One email is sent to all employees listing all 4 courses that need to be completed along with instructions about how to access the courses.

1st Reminder: Approximately 30 days after the assignment email, each employee will receive one email for each course not yet completed. If you did not complete any of the courses, you will receive 4 emails. This is necessary for administration of employees’ progress with the coursework.

2nd/Final Reminder: Approximately 30 days after the 1st reminder email, each employee will receive one email for each course still not completed. In addition, these emails will be copied to the employees’ supervisors. In this manner, supervisors can easily determine who may need assistance completing the coursework.