Job Listing Sites

USAJOBS - Searching for jobs and applying to the Federal Government.  All National Weather Service positions come through this site.  You should create a resume.  A good place to start.

American Meteorological Society Employment Announcements  Jobs posted within the last 14 days can only be accessed by AMS members. You should be a member of the AMS in any case.

Penn State Meteorology US and Canada job listings    Very good comprehensive site.

UCAR current listings  Another large employer of meteorologists.  (UCAR is in Colorado)

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation  For job vacancies at NYSDEC click on the Permanent Employment link.  There is also a seasonal employment page with an application form.

Air and Waste Management Association job site  If you are interested in a job in air pollution pull down the Resources menu to Career Center.  A private company with links to meteorology job openings (that's where the link takes you).  Many are broadcast meteorology but there are other jobs, too.

EarthWorks This is international with all kinds of jobs requiring various levels of expertise.  Click your field of interest.

Environmental Jobs  This is much broader than just meteorology.  Many good links to other lists here.

Eco-jobs   This site includes air-quality jobs and many others.

Sustainability Degrees  Not a job site but has information about careers in sustainability.

Green Careers     This is also not a job site.  You can find information and links about environmentally-friendly careers and places that might employ you.

New York Career Zone  A general job site for New York State where you can learn about careers and find jobs with specific attributes.

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