Friday - April 29, 2016  Forecast discussions will return in the Fall

The Forecast Discussion

A cold front is draped across the east central region of the US, keeping a chilly airmass locked in the NE US.  Severe storms and heavy rain is likely in the southern plains and lower Mississippi valley, and the NE will stay cloudy and cool.  The surface doesn’t show anything synoptic but a chance of rain showers is possible in NY this afternoon and evening.  There is a low in NC along the front, which will develop a pressure trough triggering the showers in the NE later today.  They will be out by early morning on Saturday.  The major weather-maker in the US is located in west Texas and moving NE today and this weekend.  Effects of the system will reach us early Sunday in the form is rain.  The average high for Oneonta is in the low 60s, and highs will be below that for the next few days as the cold front stays put in the south.  Lows for the next week will be around 40, which is exactly average for the end of April.  By Sunday, the warm sector of the Texas storm will begin to push into the area.  The Texas storm will move rather slowly because the jets are quite weak and it will take a couple days to get moving with no winds over 90kts.  Over our area, there is significant humidity at 850 and 700 mb, which is responsible for the overcast and chance of showers.  Over the weekend, increased 500mb moisture will enter the area and likely drop moderate to heavy rain as the entire lower troposphere will be nearly saturated. 

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