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Oneonta current weather

This is a screenshot taken once a minute. If yours looks old, refresh your browser.  If it STILL looks old, maybe it's our problem.  We're working on it.   

(Note: These are NOT official NWS observations)


These data are from our Vantage Pro2 system by Davis Instruments

To download the data every 5 minutes since midnight last night, in .txt format, CLICK HERE 

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Ambient Weather

Time Lapse Cloud Videos
  Right-Click here to save a time-lapse movie of the clouds thickening January 31, 2011 as a snowstorm approaches from the southwest. (mpeg file ~ 9 megabytes)  
April 6:  Starts out almost clear, but the clouds and precipitation move in quickly.  3 sec Lapse looking south (mp4 file ~37 megs)
April 7:  Fog lifts to reveal cumulus congestus (spectacular!).  Looking south
Commencement Day, May 21, 2011 cold front passage from north (1 sec timelapse mp4 file ~ 70 megs)
This is a REALLY big storm on June 1, 2011 around 8 p.m..  The storm is over western Massachusetts where tornadoes occurred. (1 sec lapse mp4 ~15 megs)
June 24, very turbulent cumulus with wind shear.  Looking SW (5 sec lapse mp4 ~ 18 megs)
July 6, showers/T-storms.  Watch for rainbow at 5:47.  Looking SE (5 sec lapse mp4 ~ 72 megs)
Sep 6, looking SE at stratocumulus.  Develops wind shear (clouds moving in different directions)  (5 sec lapse mp4 ~ 41 megs)
Sep 30, fog lifting, looking south-southwest.  (1 sec lapse mp4 ~ 28 megs)
Oct 14, turbulent sky culminates in a shower, looking west (3 sec lapse mp4 ~ 36 megs)
June 6, 2012 slow timelapse of unsettled summer day looking east (1 sec lapse mp4 ~ 19 megs)

May 9, 2013 Towering cumulus developing just east of Oneonta, looking almost straight up (3 sec lapse mp4 ~ 25 megs)
June 25, 2013 More Towering cumulus coming at the camera from the west (5 sec lapse mp4 ~ 26 megs)
May 9, 2013 Towering cumulus developing just east of Oneonta, looking almost straight up (3 sec lapse mp4 ~ 25 megs)
June 25, 2013 More Towering cumulus coming at the camera from the west (5 sec lapse mp4 ~ 26 megs)
July 30 Shelf Cloud video from alumnus Dan Linek on Long Island (avi ~ 13.5 megs)
 September 9, 2015, Gust front and brief heavy rain with pre-cold frontal trough (5 sec lapse mp4 ~ 10 megs)
May 2, 2017, Post cold frontal stratocumulus clouds with showers (3 sec lapse mp4 ~ 16 megs)

Where are we? Click here for a quick campus map  or click here for the official map.

Information about SUNY-Oneonta meteorology

SUNY-Oneonta Weathercam
(It's on the roof of the library, so it may be down during library renovations in summer 2017)

Oneonta Climatology
These are unofficial readings taken on the roof of our building, Science I

Graph of the 1981-2010 mean daily temperatures

Graph of the 1981-2010 mean monthly precipitation

Chart of the 2016-17 observed monthly precipitation

Table of the 2016-17 observed monthly rain and snowfall (Excel format)

Weather Links

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Satellites Nat'l Weather Service Pages
Severe Weather Tropical Cyclones
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Department Home Page Places to look for jobs
Current Station for the WxChallenge Contest 5-minute obs for Oneonta since 2010
American Meteorological Society Home Page National Weather Association Home Page
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