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WGS Alumni News

Ayla Englehart, a 2011 graduate who majored in Political Science, graduated from the George Washington University with a MA in Women's and Gender Studies with a concentration in critical identity theory. While in graduate school she interned with Everyday Feminism and DC Survivors and Advocates for Empowerment, Inc. At graduation she was honored with two awards: the Women's Studies Service to the Community of Women Award for her work at DC SAFE, working with survivors of intimate partner violence, and the Women's Studies Prize for Feminist Scholarship. She now lives in Boulder and works as a Hall Director at CU, “incorporating social justice in everything I do here.”

Rebekah Cramer, a 2012 graduate: "I am currently a full time International Adoption Specialist running the Korea, China, and Independent countries programs at Adopt International in San Francisco. I volunteer 36 hours a month as a state-certified rape crisis counselor at Bay Area Women Against Rape and am a state certified domestic violence counselor with W.O.M.A.N. Inc. I also volunteer every week at Muttville, a senior dog shelter. Without the WGS department I wouldn't know how healing advocacy work is for me.”

Karen Campbell: “I graduated from SUNY Oneonta in 2012 with a dual Bachelors of Science in Psychology and Child and Family Studies. After graduating, I worked as a Paralegal at a family law firm in the Washington, DC area for a couple of years. I considered pursuing a law degree, but ultimately decided to apply to Master of Social Work programs. Currently, I am attending the University of Denver's Graduate School of Social Work. I have declared a concentration in Aging Services and Policy and was selected for the PROGRESS scholarship program, which provides me with more extensive internship opportunities. In my field placements, I have worked with adults with developmental disabilities in order to assist them in maintaining independent lifestyles. My long-term goal is to work in a macro or policy setting in order to assist the older adult population and individuals aging with disabilities.”

Anna Onderdonk, a 2012 graduate, is currently teaching English 9 in the Syracuse City School District.

Connie Randall, a 2013 graduate with a degree in Anthropology, is completing her Master’s at University of Tennessee, Knoxville where she is studying archaeology. Her research determines whether faunal remains can add any depth to an interpretation of a small rockshelter having a ritual/ceremonial purpose. She is also contributing to an article that discusses the special nature of the site she is studying. Along with classes and thesis work, she is currently the graduate student coordinator for the department's chapter of Lambda Alpha, the Anthropology National Honor Society. Connie plans to continue with her Ph.D. at Tennessee.

Maggie Ryan, a 2013 graduate with a degree in Psychology, is now attending SUNY Albany's School of Public Health concentrating in social behavior and community health.

Gina Furfaro, a 2013 graduate, works as a Peace Corps "Youth Asset Builder" in Morocco. She is assigned to a youth center or a women’s center where I am working under the Ministry of Youth and Sports to meet the needs of the youth in the community. This involves teaching content-based English, as well as hosting activities and clubs involving the environment, health, leadership, sports, art, etc.  Educating girls is a priority for the Ministry of Youth and Sports, therefore requiring special attention to girls and women's education and empowerment needs.  Over the course of the two-year service the primary goal is to build local capacity while sharing with and learning from the community.

Melissa Flatow, a 2013 graduate in Psychology, is currently enrolled at the Fordham Graduate School of Social Service.

Laura Obernesser, a 2013 graduate who majored in Sociology, completed her M.A. in Sociology (with a concentration in WGS) at the University of Montana and is now a doctoral student in Sociology at University at Buffalo. She is studying feminist theory, gender and work and the impact of poverty on experiences over the life course and unpaid labor for women."

Hannah Kinisky, a 2013 graduate who majored in English: “I just started a new job as a Public Relations & Social Media Coordinator at the Ad Council, a non-profit which is committed to educating the general public through print and video campaigns on topics such as Diversity & Inclusion, Bullying, Recycling, Domestic Violence Prevention, Adoption, and a lot more! I'm also training with an organization called CTL to become a crisis counselor on their crisis text line. Once I'm finished with training and become a counselor, I'll be on the hotline for 4 hours every week helping texters deescalate crises and find resources that can help them.”

Antoinette Astuto, a 2013 graduate in Psychology: “As of March 2014, I was hired by Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York as a Child Victim Advocate. I work for RESTORE Sexual Assault Services, the non-clinical offshoot of PPH that offers advocacy services to those who have been affected by sexual assault. RESTORE offers a 24-hour confidential hotline as well as free, confidential, short term counseling to work through the emotional, physical, and legal aspects associated with the trauma of sexual assault. As one of the five Monroe County advocates, I am expected to backup our hotline on a rotating schedule and take crisis days that consist of answering the hotline and/or being present at the hospital for a sexual assault victim. Not only am I employed by RESTORE as an advocate, I am also located at Bivona Child Advocacy Center in Rochester, NY. As a Child Victim Advocate, I work with victims and families of victims of child physical abuse, sexual abuse, and child fatalities. I am one of three victim advocates that follows families through the process here at the CAC. One in ten children are the victim of sexual abuse. As a child victim advocate, I help families navigate the legal, emotional, and mental hurtles that accompany the journey through the criminal justice system and ensure families have the resources available to start the healing process.”

Morgan Skrabalak, a 2013 graduate in Sociology, worked for FEMA Corps in Colorado and Texas and [AmeriCorps] Health Corps for one year following graduation. She is now in the Social Welfare-MSW Program at UAlbany.

Abi Johnson: a 2013 graduate, Abi is receiving her Master’s in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from U Albany in December 2015. She is currently employed as the Teach-22 Graduate Assistant, Teaching Assistant for a Python programming course. Previously, she interned in Spring 2014 with the Family Life Center, a midwifery association in Albany, helping midwives digitize and update their handouts, among other administrative tasks. Abi is currently writing her Master’s Thesis, on Gamergate, women (specifically women’s identity) and video game culture, and developing an autobiographical game to accompany it. She will be presenting this thesis both to the Women’s Studies and Informatics Departments at UAlbany in May and December, respectively. She is currently applying to jobs in women’s health fields, as well as web development.

Alyssa Lupinski, a 2014 graduate with a degree in Psychology and Women's & Gender Studies minor, attends SUNY Albany's and Albany Law's joint MSW/JD program. She started her graduate school career at Albany Law and currently switches between schools each year for four years.

Bonnie Siry, a 2014 graduate in Sociology: “I'm in my second year at the interdisciplinary Social Science Masters Program at CU Denver and I've decided to follow the Women and Gender Studies track and get the Women and Gender Studies Certificate as well.”

Cara Ugolino, a 2014 graduate, worked for AmeriCorps at the Franciscan Outreach Association in Chicago where she served as program coordinator at the Marquard soup kitchen. She is currently applying to MSW Programs with the goal of serving LGBT homeless youth populations. 

Sarah Loret, a 2014 graduate, worked for AmeriCorps year at the Providence Children's Museum. She and a team of other MuseumCorps educators went to underperforming schools in the Providence Public School District to bring STEM-based afterschool programs to about 200 children throughout the duration of the school year. She found it so rewarding that she plans on returning to school to pursue a Masters in Elementary Education.

Mitch Lucas, a 2014 graduate in Communications: “I'm currently working full-time in Mental Health and Foster Care at Seneca Family of Agencies as a Case Assistant in California and am currently in the process of becoming the company's Queer and Trans Competency trainer for the Training Department for Basic Training at the agency. In Spring 2017, I will be returning to San Francisco State's MA Program in Sexuality Studies.”

Autumn Bullard, a 2014 graduate: “I am working at a reggio-inspired early education center and in my free time I'm hanging with strong feminist roller derby queens.”

Eliza Edge, a 2014 graduate reports that, “After graduation, I spent a year teaching English in Madrid's public high school system. I am currently employed full time at Radio Woodstock, which is the Hudson Valley’s leading Triple A alternative rock station and one of the biggest live event and concert promoters in the upstate New York region for 35 years. Within the radio station I work for their live events production sector and do festivals like Mountain Jam, Taste of Country and a couple of other large live music events.”

Simon Chartrand, a 2015 graduate who double majored in English and Foreign Languages and Literatures, is a doctoral student in French literature at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

Amanda Knox, a 2015 graduate who majored in Criminal Justice, reports that, “about a month after graduation, I was hired by the Bennington Police Department in Vermont. I am currently in the Vermont Police Academy and graduated in November 2015.”

Candy Kuzmich, a 2015 graduate who majored in Political Science and English reports: “After hiking 1,166 miles (over half) of the Appalachian Trail from Maine to West Virginia, I moved to Buffalo and am working with AmeriCorps in Buffalo schools.”