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Department of Theatre

Our graduates have mastered fundamental vocabulary and skills from all of the crafts of theatre, and thoroughly understand how these aspects work together to create rich, complex and unified works of art.

The cross-training provided by our Theatre Program fosters understanding of and respect for all of the artists involved in creating a live stage performance. We feel that our approach produces well-rounded theatre practitioners who will be effective at any level of production, from high school to Broadway and beyond. Our blend of classroom and experiential learning provides an ideal foundation for continued study in the discipline and arms our graduates with the confidence and experience to pursue a wide range of careers and academic pathways.

We value collaboration and high academic goals in the learning and teaching of theatre, while preparing students for the realities of a competitive profession.

Our students gain authentic practice in many aspects of theatre, including: acting, directing, dramaturgy and text analysis, stage management; scenic, costume, make-up, sound and lighting design; construction and fabrication of sets, props & costumes, wigs, make-up & prosthetics; wardrobe and running crew experience; as well as independent study, teaching assistantships, and internship opportunities with professional theatres and arts organizations.