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Department of Theatre

Our graduates have mastered fundamental vocabulary and skills from all of the crafts of theatre, and thoroughly understand how these aspects work together to create rich, complex and unified works of art.

The cross-training provided by our Theatre Program fosters understanding of and respect for all of the artists involved in creating a live stage performance. We feel that our approach produces well-rounded theatre practitioners who will be effective at any level of production, from high school to Broadway and beyond. Our blend of classroom and experiential learning provides an ideal foundation for continued study in the discipline and arms our graduates with the confidence and experience to pursue a wide range of careers and academic pathways.

We value collaboration and high academic goals in the learning and teaching of theatre, while preparing students for the realities of a competitive profession.

Our students gain authentic practice in many aspects of theatre, including: acting, directing, dramaturgy and text analysis, stage management; scenic, costume, make-up, sound and lighting design; construction and fabrication of sets, props & costumes, wigs, make-up & prosthetics; wardrobe and running crew experience; as well as independent study, teaching assistantships, and internship opportunities with professional theatres and arts organizations.

Theatre Degrees

Students Pursuing a Theatre Major may choose from a range of degree options:

  • For a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre complete a minimum of 36 and a maximum of 45 credit hours in Theatre, including the following required courses. This option emphasizes an overview of the theatre discipline while still providing the range of academic experience available across the college appropriate to a liberal arts curriculum.

  • For a Bachelor of Science in Theatre, students must complete a minimum of 36 and a maximum of 60 credit hours in Theatre. This degree track is intended for students seeking concentrated study in the theatre discipline in order to prepare for further academic study or professional employment.

The following courses are presented as options for the completion of a Theatre degree. Individuals planning to complete a B.S. degree in Theatre should discuss appropriate choices with an academic advisor.

I. Required Courses: B.A./B.S. 36 s.h.

THTR 101 Introduction to Theatre (3)
THTR 111 Acting I (3)
THTR 155 Stage Makeup (3)
THTR 178 Play Analysis for the Stage (3)
THTR 220 Stagecraft (3)
THTR 231 Stage Costuming (3)
THTR 250 Stage Lighting (3)
THTR 271 Theater History I (3)
THTR 272 Theater History II (3)
THTR 321 Directing I (3)
THTR 190 Theatre Practicum I (2)
THTR 290 Theatre Practicum II (4)


Requirements for Theatre Minor 18 s.h.

THTR 100 Theatre Appreciation(3) OR
THTR 101 Introduction to Theatre (3)
THTR 111 Acting I (3)
THTR 178 Play Analysis for the Stage (3)
THTR 220 Stagecraft (3)
Two 200 level or higher THTR electives (6)


Requirements for Dance Minor 20-21 s.h.

Core Theory (9 s.h.):
THTR 104 Survey of Dance in America
PHED 239 Biomechanics of Dance
PHED 237 Choreography - The Art and Process OR
THTR 218 Dance for Musical Theatre

Performance (8-9 s.h.):
PHED 132 0r 232 Ballet I or II (3)

Students must complete two additional courses, in different dance styles(5-6)
PHED 131/231 Modern Dance
PHED 133 or 234 Beginning or Advance Ballroom
PHED 135 Folk Dance
PHED 136/236 Tap Dance I or II (3)
PHED 139 Jazz dance
Students with extensive experience in one or more dance styles may be able to waive pre-requisites with instructor permission

Production (3s.h.):
THTR 397 Theatre/Dance Internship


II. B.S. in Theater allows any combination of 9-24 additional Theatre credits beyond the Required coursework. Students may only apply 60 semester hours of Theatre toward a degree. Students should work with an academic advisor to balance enrollment choices within the curriculum.

Suggested advanced coursework options in
Acting/Directing for BS degree

3 s.h. THTR 211 Acting II
3 s.h. THTR 215 Improvisational Theatre
3 s.h. THTR 217 Movement for the Stage
3 s.h. THTR 212 Voice & Diction for the Stage
3 s.h. THTR 301 Audition Techniques
AND up to 12 more s.h. of THTR electives

12 to 24 s.h. of Theatre courses
add to 36 s.h. core Theater BA Curriculum

48-60 s.h. TOTAL

Suggested advanced coursework options in
Design/Technical Theatre for BS Degree

3 s.h. THTR 230 Stage Properties
3 s.h.THTR 234 Stage Costume Design
3 s.h. THTR 236 History of Stage Costume
3 s.h. THTR 350 Scene Design
3 s.h. THTR 294 Special Topics in Theatre
AND up to 12 more s.h.of THTR electives

12 to 24 s.h. of Theatre courses
add to core Theater BA Curriculum36 s.h.

48-60 s.h. TOTAL







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