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Bill Wilkerson


Presiding Officer of Faculty

Chair of College Senate


State University of New York

College at Oneonta

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Committee on Public Events


Public Events Funding Application

For Events During Fall 2018 and Spring 2019



Deadline for Submission is 4/13/18


Procedures of the Public Events Committee

The Committee is charged with the annual expenditure of funds supporting public events on campus that meet “the cultural and educational standards of the college.” To that end, the committee reviews applications submitted by faculty and staff for events during Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 – including guest speakers; arts and cultural activities; readings, concerts and public performances; and presentations geared to increase the positive cultural relationship within and between the college and the surrounding community.

Typical funding awards are between $300-$1000, and the total funding available for distribution by the committee is subject to annual budgetary fluctuations. At the discretion of the committee, partial or reduced awards may be offered based on available funds and/or the number of applicants.

Annual Calendar and Schedule of Meetings
This committee meets periodically to discuss applications, inform the committee membership of new developments and to establish and maintain current procedures for completing the business before the committee. Typically, calls for funding are issued during the spring semester for events planned for the next academic year. The committee reviews these applications in meetings held in the late spring, decides on appropriate levels of funding and notifies applicants of funding awards during  the late spring/summer .  Subsequent meetings during the fall may be required if all funding is not distributed during the spring, if additional funding becomes available, or if funding awarded for events is not spent by applicants due to cancellation.

Instructions for Applying for Funding from the Public Events Committee
Successful applications (sample application here) must be planned well in advance, during the PRIOR academic year. Faculty and staff interested in applying for funding from the Public Events Committee should be aware of the following criteria used to evaluate applications:

  • The event should be on-campus – Exceptions are possible, if the event is still able to serve a significant number of students or serves the broader goal to strengthen the cultural and educational standards of the college and community. Priority will be given to events located on the Oneonta campus.
  • The event should benefit the campus community, not just a narrow interest group or population. It should have general appeal to a wide audience that may include students, faculty, staff and members of the community.
  • The proposal should include a financial plan and funding should be sought from more than one source. The Public Events committee gives priority to proposals that have wide support from other organizations and funding sources on campus.
  • The proposal should have a publicity plan in place that includes contacting the college's public relations office about possible assistance in publicizing the event to the community.
    • Information on advertising may be found here.
    • The Printshop Storefront can be used to calculate the cost of your publicity (you can get 150 13x19 size posters full color on index paper for less than $25)
  • The proposal must be submitted by a member of the faculty, staff, or a current or retired employee of the college.
  • The event shall be “college sponsored.” Public events funding is not designed to subsidize events that primarily promote other organizations or groups in the community.

Sample Application available here.

Submission of Applications

Applications may only be submitted online.

An on-line submission of the final report must also be accompanied by appropriate voucher, publicity and promotional materials within two weeks of the event.

Applications for Funding will only be accepted in response to an announced call for applications, typically during March or April. The call for applications will appear in the College Bulletin. Applications will not be accepted after the announced deadline for submissions. Deadline for Submission is April 13, 2018.

Responsibilities of successful applicants

If a Public Events funding request is approved than money will be allocated by the committee to cover the award amount. In order for the money to be distributed, a final report, payment voucher(s) and example copies of advertising and promotional materials must be submitted to the Public Events committee within two weeks after the scheduled date of the event.  Cancelled events or events that do not submit voucher and report materials will not receive funding, and funding distributions from the Public Events committee can only occur AFTER the event has taken place.