Contact Information
Bill Wilkerson


Presiding Officer of Faculty

Chair of College Senate


State University of New York

College at Oneonta

Oneonta, NY  13820



Graduate Committee


The Graduate Committee shall:

  1. study, advocate for, and advise the Vice President for Academic Affairs on graduate activities, including policies, curricular programs, and degree requirements;
  2. inform the Faculty on graduate matters;
  3. review proposals for new graduate programs or changes in established programs and proposals for new policies or changes in established policies in order to make recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. All new graduate programs and changes in existing programs that require re-registration with SUNY Administration additionally require the approval of the College Senate;
  4. review credentials for Graduate Teaching Faculty status;
  5. evaluate graduate policies and practices; and
  6. consist of up to two voting graduate students (appointed by the Chair upon recommendation of the Committee), a minimum of one faculty member to be elected by and from each department with an active graduate program (the maximum number from each department to be equivalent to the number of graduate programs offered by the department), and three full-time graduate teaching faculty members to be elected by the Faculty. Except for the three committee members to be elected by the Faculty, only those who regularly teach 500/600 level courses shall be eligible for election to this committee. Any department or staff unit not represented in the voting membership may designate one non-voting observer to attend meetings and report to his/her department or unit on the Committee’s activities.  Additionally the Vice President for Academic Affairs (or an appointed designee) and the Director of Graduate Studies shall serve as non-voting ex officio members of the committee.


Graduate Committee 2017-2018

Faculty-at-Large Representatives
Dr. Achim Koeddermann (2018)
Dr. Jeffrey Heilveil (2018)
Dr. Gretchen Sorin (2020)

Program Representatives
Dr. Cynthia Falk, Chair, Museum Studies
Dr. Donna Vogler, Biology
Dr. Willard Harman, Lake Management
Dr. Theresa Loomis, Nutrition and Dietetics
Dr. Sasha Ramlal, Elementary Education & Reading
Dr. Jonathan Gratch, Secondary Education
Dr. Dawn Hamlin, Education Psychology, Counseling & Special Ed.
Dr. Marius Munteanu, Mathematics

Graduate Students
Mr. Alejandro Reyes, Lake Management
Ms. Amber Talbot, Counselor Education

Non-voting Members
Dr. James Mackin, Interim Provost
Mr. Patrick Mente, Director of Graduate Studies
Ms. Lois Baldwin, Library Representative