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Bill Wilkerson


Presiding Officer of Faculty

Chair of College Senate


State University of New York

College at Oneonta

Oneonta, NY  13820



General Education Committee


The General Education Committee shall
a.       carry on a continuous study of all aspects of the General Education curriculum and of transfer issues related to that curriculum at the College;
b.      inform the faculty on issues related to that core curriculum and those transfer issues;
c.       stay current on SUNY requirements and other relevant trends that might affect the College’s core curriculum;
d.      be the first committee to review curricular proposals for additions, deletions, and modifications to the General Education curricula, including proposals for new programs. These shall be considered by this committee with regard to their impact on General Education curricula and transfer issues related to General Education.
                                i.      This committee shall report to the College Senate on the disposition of any General Education curricular proposals it receives;
                 ii.    interact and report by liaison with other relevant committees as necessary, including the Curriculum and Instruction committees.
e.       consist of one voting member from each attribute category (SUNY and campus specific) elected by the Faculty;
f.      include representatives from Admissions, Academic Advisement, the Registrar’s office, and the Library Faculty;
g.     the Vice-President for Academic Affairs and the Deans of the academic schools shall be eligible to participate as ex-officio, non-voting members of the General Education Committee.

Members 2017-2018 (terms expire)

Interim Chair: Charles Maples

Arts (AA2): Rhea Nowak, Art (2017)

Humanities (AH2): Gwen Crane, English (2020)

Basic Writing (BC2): Bianca Tredennick, English (2020)

Foreign Languages (FL2): Alejandra Escudero, Foreign Languages and Literatures (2017)

Other World Civilizations (HO2): William Ashbaugh, History (2017)

American History (HA2): Omar Dphrepaulezz, History and Africana and Latino Studies (2020)

Western Civilization (HW2): April Harper, History (2020)

Mathematics (M2): Zoë Misiewicz, Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics (2020)

Natural Sciences with lab (NL2): Hugh Gallagher, Physics and Astronomy (2017)

Natural Sciences (N2): vacant

Oral Skills (OSC/BC3): Andrew Kahl, Theatre (2018)

Social Sciences (S2): Sallie Han, Anthropology and Elizabeth Seale, Sociology (2017)

Writing Skills (WS2): Charles Maples, CADE (2020)

Critical Thinking: Zanna McKay, Elementary Education and Reading (2018)

Liberal Arts: Janet Nepkie, Music (2020)

Information Management: Mary Lynn Benson, Library (2019)

Library: Mary Lynn Benson, Library (2018)

Ex-Officio (Academic Affairs): Eileen Morgan-Zayachek, Assoc. Prov.

Ex-Officio (GEAC): Amie Doughty, English