Committee on Research


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The Committee on Research shall:

  1. study and recommend means for enhancing research among students and faculty;

  2. keep the faculty informed concerning sources of funds and opportunities for conducting research; and

  3. be charged with overseeing the faculty/student research grant program that is offered twice a year and funded by the investment income of the College at Oneonta Foundation’s Unrestricted Endowment, made possible through charitable gifts and grants to the college.

  4. consist of five Faculty members elected by the Faculty-at-large and two student representatives designated by the Student Senate and confirmed by the College Senate.

2017-2020 Members (terms expire)

Committee on Research

Thomas Beal, History (2016)
Tracy Betsinger, Anthropology (2018)
Melissa Godek, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences (2018)
Florian Reyda, Biology (2020)
Mette Harder, History (2020)
Ex Officio: Kathy Meeker (Grants Development Office)




For more information visit the Committee on Research Website.