Contact Information
Bill Wilkerson


Presiding Officer of Faculty

Chair of College Senate


State University of New York

College at Oneonta

Oneonta, NY  13820



Committee on Instruction


The Committee on Instruction shall:

  1. propose policy regarding standards for admission and retention of students;

  2. formulate policy for the evaluation of student academic performance;

  3. inform the Faculty of newer methods and technologies of teaching and recommend policy regarding their application to the academic program;

  4. recommend policy concerning the improvement of the academic program (e.g., the Scholars Program); and

  5. recommend policy regarding class attendance, extended absences, and related matters.

  6. consist of five Faculty members elected by the Faculty-at-large and two student representatives designated by the Student Senate and confirmed by the College Senate.

Committee on Instruction 2017-2018 Members (terms expire)
Charlene Christie, Psychology (2018)
Grazyna Kamburowska, Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics (2018)
Heike Geisler, Chemistry and Biochemistry (2018)
Jonathan Brown, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics (2019)
Penina Kamina, Elementary Education and Reading (2019)

Committee-approved resources:

Guidelines for interpreting SRFI data
(We encourage faculty to include a copy of these guidelines as a cover sheet to any SRFI data submitted for review.)

Suggested custom questions for the SRFI

Guidelines and materials for conducting quality peer reviews