Contact Information
Bill Wilkerson


Presiding Officer of Faculty

Chair of College Senate


State University of New York

College at Oneonta

Oneonta, NY  13820



Committee on Public Events


The Committee on Public Events shall:

  1. propose a well-rounded program of public events in keeping with desirable cultural and educational standards by distributing funds made available to the committee;

  2. develop standards for the guidance of groups presenting public events funded by the committee;

  3. produce an annual campus/community event to increase their positive interaction; and

  4. consist of five Faculty members elected by the Faculty-at-large, the President of the College or his/her representative and the person responsible for community relations, and two student representatives designated by the Student Senate and confirmed by the College Senate.

2016-2017 Membership

George Hovis, English (3 year term; 2018)
Andrew Kahl, Theatre, Chair (3 year term; 2018)
Penina Kamina, Elementary Ed & Reading (2 year term; 2017)
Oscar Oberkircher, Human Ecology (3 year term; 2018)
Robert Sulman, Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics (2 year term; 2017)

For more information visit the Committee on Public Events Website