Contact Information
Bill Wilkerson


Presiding Officer of Faculty

Chair of College Senate


State University of New York

College at Oneonta

Oneonta, NY  13820



General Education Assessment Committee (GEAC)


Committee Charge:

GEAC is to oversee and facilitate General Education assessment planning.  Persons responsible for establishing this committee are the Associate Provost for Institutional Assessment & Effectiveness, Provost, Academic Deans, and College Senate.

Committee Member Selection:

Full time teaching faculty from departments offering courses in the following attribute groups will nominate and forward one full time Teaching Faculty member from each of the following general education attribute groups to the College Senate for approval.

  1. Sciences (NL and NL2)
  2. Mathematics (M2)
  3. Social Science (S2)
  4. Humanities, Arts, and Foreign Language (AA2, AH2, FL2)
  5. History & Civilization (HA2, HW2, HO2)
  6. Basic Writing and Communication Skills (BC2, WS2, OS2)

One additional member from each academic division will be appointed by the respective deans. (Revised from original "two members per division" by Senate action 3/17/14.)

Length of Committee Service:

Members of the Committee shall have a term of three years with a two term maximum; after an intervening term, one may seek additional term(s). Terms shall be staggered to allow for appointments on a rotating basis.

2018-2019 Membership (10 Members: 6 attributes and 4 divisions)

Member (term expires) GE Attribute Group Appointment Term
Michael Koch (2020) History & Civilization College Senate 2
Suzanne Black (2019) Humanities/Arts/Foreign Language College Senate 2
VACANT (2021) Mathematics College Senate
VACANT (2019) Sciences College Senate
VACANT (2020) Social Science College Senate
Steven Walsh (2020) Writing/Communication Skills College Senate 1
Paul Bauer (2020) At-large Dean --- Business & Economics ?
VACANT (2021) At-large Dean --- Education & Human Ecology
Amie Doughty (2020) At-large Dean --- Liberal Arts 1
VACANT (2021) At-large Dean --- Science