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Resources for Conducting a Quality Peer Review
Compiled by the Committee on Instruction
Fall 2010

Peer reviews of teaching are an essential part of evaluating an instructor’s effectiveness. There are significant aspects of instruction that can be accurately judged only by a knowledgeable peer; for example, does the instructor select important topics to focus on during instructional time? The resources listed below should be helpful in conducting peer reviews of instruction. Some are more thorough than others, but all make useful contributions to the process of evaluating a peer’s instruction.

Teaching Evaluation Handbook (Cornell University) - Link no longer valid

Framework for Peer Evaluation of Teaching (University of Saskatchewan) - Link no longer valid

Guidelines for Peer Review of Teaching (UW-Madison Dept. of Psychology)

Peer Review of Teaching (Brigham Young University) - Link no longer valid

A Protocol for Peer Review of Teaching [PDF document] (North Carolina State University)

Chism, Nancy Van Note. (2007). Peer review of teaching: A sourcebook (2nd ed.). Bolton, MA: Anker Publishing Company.
(This book is available in Milne Library; LB2333 .C49 2007)

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