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The Center's exhibit tables are designed to be wheelchair accessible.

BUILDING ACCESS for wheelchairs, strollers, or mobility-impaired:

The Physical Science Building has a ground floor barrier-free entrance at its north end (uphill end). The doors are manually operated and may be awkward for an unassisted wheelchair user (sorry about that). Inside the building, go past the red doorway labelled "Science Discovery Center" (it leads to a stairway) and go along the main corridor. Red signs will direct you to an elevator just beyond the center of the building. Use the elevator to get down to the basement level where the Center is located. After exiting the elevator, turn right and go through three sets of doors (not automatic, but pullable and pushable) to get to the entrance doors of the Center.

Alternatively, there is access directly to the basement corridor from the loading zone, but that door may be locked, especially on Saturdays. It can be opened temporarily by a staff member of the Center.


Restrooms are large enough for a wheelchair (and a companion, if needed) and have handrails.





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