Graphic Design & Publications Department


We provide graphic arts services to the Faculty and Administration, prepare camera-ready materials for printing in the Print Shop, help to refine ideas or come up with something completely new as requested, and handle bidding for off-campus printing. There is currently no charge for any service provided by the Publications Department. The Print Shop does charge for paper and printing plates.

Publications Department Services
Certificates, Booklets, Brochures, Business Cards, Letterhead & Envelopes, Newsletters, Office Forms, Programs, Posters, etc. Charts/Graphs, Logos/Original Artwork, Limited Color Printing (on ink jet printers)
Scanning Images & Slides (as part of a print job), File Conversion, Free Advice

Work Flow in Publications
We will take your job from beginning through final preparation for printing, and will deliver it to the Print Shop for you.

Come to Publications with a clear and complete idea of what you want; bring a sample or drawing, know what text you want to include in your printed piece and the quantity, provide all photographs or artwork. We will also need an account number and authorized signature. Publications cannot accept partially conceived jobs. Our staff will fill out a job ticket with you and discuss timeframes/deadlines.

Text of greater length than a paragraph must be provided already typed—on computer disk or by e-mail.

Keep in mind the following when you prepare text for our use:

  • we accept Macintosh and PC disks or files
  • we can convert most major word processing software formats (however, we cannot use files from Microsoft Publisher)
  • please don’t use ALL CAPS!
  • save your file as text only

After completing a job ticket and receiving your text, Publications will log-in the job and begin to do whatever is necessary to ready it for printing.

When the design is finished, you will be asked to review the job and sign a proof approval form.

Your job will be delivered to the Print Shop for printing and finishing.

The Print Shop will deliver your job when it is done.

Publications will send you a reorder form and sample to use if you want to reprint the job. We save copies of your job files in our backup system.

Off-Campus Printing
Bidding, design, and printing arrangements for off-campus (usually full color) printing is handled by Publications. Campus and state-wide guidelines must be followed, unless the funding source is private. If you are thinking about off-campus printing, call to make an appointment to discuss how the guidelines affect your job.

  • Four-color (process color) printing requires a budget. Please secure a funding source before we begin. Off-campus printing schedules are planned up to a year in advance. Please plan ahead to avoid disappointment.
  • The bidding process is governed by the cost of the job—the higher the cost, the more bids we need & the longre it will take.
  • Bidding can take up to several months for very large jobs.
  • Bid specifications are dependant on the design of the job. Preliminary design work must be done before setting the specs.
  • If specs change after the bidding process begins, the bid will be invalid and the process must start again from the beginning.
  • For some jobs, a budget quote can be prepared to help with planning the design and determining quantities.

Business Card Submission Form

Our Staff

Ian Lascell, Graphic Designer
IRC Room 114
(607) 436-2208
Ian's Website

Lorin Levins, Graphic Design Associate
IRC Room 114
(607) 436-3400
Lorin's Website

Contact Publications

Phone: (607) 436-3400
Fax: (607) 436-3266
Mail: IRC Room 114

Last updated on February 21, 2012