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General Requirements for Internships:

The internship experience provides psychology majors with a supervised learning experience in an applied setting. An Internship not only provides the student with the opportunity to work within actual work settings, but helps students to evaluate their own career choices.  An Internship is never a waste of a student’s time.  It can cement expectations of a particular field or allow a student to totally dismiss a career track.  In either case, an Internship is an impressive addition to a resume.  With competition for employment always growing, the completion of an Internship may become the one area that separates a former intern from the field.  A student should be cautioned prior to applying for an Internship. The benefits of participation in an Internship can only be achieved by a student who is committed to doing extensive work in order to personally excel.  An Internship is not an alternative to attending classes. However, the time and effort put forth are most definitely worth the benefits upon completion. 

Student requirements:
-Junior or Senior status
-56 credit hours completed
-24 of the 56 credit hours must be in psychology
-12 of the 24 credit hours in psychology must be completed at SUNY Oneonta
-Passed College Writing Exam
-Minimum of a 2.0 GPA overall
-Minimum of a 2.5 GPA in psycholgy
-Written permission and completed application

Credit limits:
-Fall and Spring Internships may not exceed 15 credits
-Summer Internships may not exceed 12 credits.
-Each credit hour = 40 hours completed at the desired location

All paperwork MUST be completed the semester before the internship takes place.
An interview by the internship corrdinator must be conducted to insure an internship is in the student's best interest.
Internship application

Student/Coordinator Interaction:

  1. Preliminary meeting with Student to discuss type of internship desired and number of credits.  
  2. Second Meeting. Student returns with an updated arrow sheet, and any other paperwork that may have been requested of him/her during the preliminary meeting. Interview information is provided by Coordinator and intern arranges for interview.  An alternate internship site may be selected should results of the primary interview be unfavorable. 
  3. Student returns to Coordinator with all required paperwork completed and signed.
  4. Internship selected is confirmed by Coordinator and ready to submit.
  5. Intern will be notified of acceptance or rejection by Registrar.
  6. On the first scheduled day of class, all interns will meet at the Coordinator’s office. A syllabus with required text and schedule will be distributed. Students will meet as required as a class to exchange experiences as they progress. 

      ****  This is required.

As the semester progresses:

  1. Authorized/Signed weekly time sheets will be submitted to Coordinator.
  2. Intern will meet individually with Coordinator for progress report as required.
  3. Coordinator will visit site to meet with student and site supervisor as required.
  4. Student will continue with assignment until internship is completed. A required final report will be submitted by student before a final grade is received.

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