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Faculty and Staff

Craig F. Bielert,

149 Fitzelle Hall

Dr. Craig Bielert is a psychobiologist who teaches courses in comparative and physiological psychology. His research interests involve the biological bases of behavior, especially in non-human primates. He also holds an adjunct appointment in Anthropology, and is a recipient of the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Julia C.Blau,

Assistant Professor
147 Fitzelle Hall

Dr. Julia J. C. Blau is an ecological perceptual psychologist. She researches how the structure of event perception affects our cognition, our emotions, and our ability to succeed. Most of her research is in films, but she studies "natural" perception and actions in massively multiplayer on-line role-playing games (MMORPGs) as well.  She teaches courses in Sensation and Perception, Research Methods, Psychology of Film, and Ecological Psychology.

Michael Brown,

Assistant Professor
144 Fitzelle Hall

Dr. Brown is a social-cognitive psychologist who is interested in how individuals make attributions and judgments when presented with novel, complex, and contradictory information. His research has primarily focused on individuals' decision-making processes, prototypes, impression formation, and attitudes – particularly as they apply to issues involving gender, sexuality, and the law.

Charlene Christie,
Department Chair

Associate Professor
161 Fitzelle Hall

Dr. Charlene Christie is a social psychologist who conducts research on stereotyping and prejudice, intergroup relations, social identity, and deviance. She teaches courses in social psychology, advanced social psychology, and research methods. Dr. Christie is a recent recipient of the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Andrew Gallup,

Assistant Professor
121 Fitzelle Hall

Dr. Andrew Gallup is a biopsychologist with diverse interests in behavioral neuroscience and evolutionary psychology. He conducts experimental research on both humans and animal models to answer questions regarding the biological basis of behavior. He currently teaches courses in introductory, biological and evolutionary psychology.


Fanli Jia,
Ph.D. Candidate (ABD)

Visiting Assistant Professor
146 Fitzelle Hall

Fanli is a cultural/developmental psychologist who is interested in the areas of cultural variations in moral identity, environmental identity, as well as cultural identity in a relation to ESL reading literacy. Currently, he is conducting studies about moral values and identity development in Chinese immigrant youth in comparison to native Chinese and Canadians/Americans who grow up in their home countries.

Cynthia L. Miller,

145 Fitzelle Hall

Dr. Miller is a developmental psychologist whose research interests include language and gender development in childhood, as well as a variety of topics related to the psychology of women.  She teaches courses in Developmental Psychology and Psychology of Women.

Geoffrey O'Shea,

Associate Professor
120 Fitzelle Hall

Dr. O’Shea is a cognitive psychologist who conducts research on memory, implicit learning, mental processing speed and historical studies on reaction time research. Dr. O’Shea was recently awarded a grant from the SUNY Research Foundation to study memory dysfunction in multiple sclerosis. He teaches courses in cognitive psychology, human memory, introductory psychology, and research methods.

Susan C. Turell

Dean, School of Social Science
333C Netzer
A licensed counseling psychologist, Dr. Susan C. Turell  has been a professor for over 20 years.  She has taught many courses in both psychology and women's studies.  Her current research interests focus on same-sex intimate partner violence and community readiness.  She has been active for many years regarding anti-racism work, as well as sexual assault and domestic violence services.  She comes to SUNY College at Oneonta as the founding Dean of the School of Social Science. 
Ursula Sanborn-Overby,

Assistant Professor
148 Fitzelle Hall
Dr. Ursula A. Sanborn-Overby is a developmental psychologist. She researches how and why people form stereotypes and how these stereotypes effect our behaviors. Most of her research involves gender-cognitions and how they develop over the course of the lifespan. She teaches courses in Child Development, Adolescent Development, Research Methods, and Introductory Psychology.

James Zians,

Assistant Professor
122 Fitzelle Hall

Dr. James Zians is a clinical psychologist who teaches courses in abnormal behavior, statistics and research design. His research interests involve the role of psychology in health promotion, prevention, and behavior change. Many of his interests and professional experiences involve Community Psychology where he assists in building linkages between community-based organizations that deliver health and social service programs and academic institutions. He is particularly interested in working with underserved populations. Dr. Zians is the internship coordinator for the Psychology Department.

Jill Grundfest
Department Secretary
161 Fitzelle Hall

Jill Grundfest serves as the Psychology Department Secretary. Jill started in the Admissions Office at SUNY Oneonta in 2010.  She has been at Milne Library as Interlibrary Loan Clerk since 2012.  She has an M.A. in Religious Studies from the University of Chicago.  She is an environmentalist, a cat person, and an avid reader of mysteries and sci-fi.


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