Courses in the Major

All students in the PrePharmacy Professional Program must declare a primary major. Students consult with their primary major advisor and a prehealth professions advisor to ensure timely completion of both major and prehealth professions concentration coursework as of the date of their matriculation.

Students must consult SUNY Oneonta's current undergraduate catalog descriptions of courses regarding course prerequisites and time of year when offered in order to plan properly in advance.

Prerequisite courses in the prepharmacy concentration with suggested year

BIOL 180-181
CHEM 111-112
STAT 101
COMM 100
COMP 100

BIOL 201
CHEM 221-322
MATH 173
ECON 111
LITR 100

PHYS 103-104 (algebra-based) or
PHYS 203-204 (calculus-based)
BIOL 362

*minimum grade of "C" in all prerequisite coursework

Requirements for Pharmacy School

Transfer to four year PharmD programs can be done as early as after the sophomore year; but is becoming more common to complete the B.S. degree before entering Pharmacy School.

The PCAT is required for admission to PharmD programs.

The above list of courses is designed to satisfy the admissions requirements at the Albany College of Pharmacy (Albany and Vermont branches), SUNY-Buffalo School of Pharmacy, Wegman College of Pharmacy, and the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy; but this list will satisfy the course requirements at most pharmacy schools.

You should check the specific course requirements at the schools where you are planning to apply. For more information about becoming a pharmacist check out the AACP webpage.


Albany College of Pharmacy (ACPHS) PharmD prerequisites:

General Chemistry I & II
General Biology I & II
Biology (200 level or higher)
Organic Chemistry I & II
Calculus I
Microbiology (a)
Physics I & II (a)
General Psychology
Humanities (b) (9 semester hours)
Public Speaking
Electives (c) (9 semester hours)

No credit will be accepted for grades lower than "C" (C- is not acceptable) or for physical education courses. ACPHS reserves the right to refuse the transfer of any previously earned college credits.
(a) Science courses must be those required by science majors and include labs.
(b) Humanities credits can be taken from English literature, composition, U.S. history, Western Civilization, or cross-disciplinary humanities courses.
(c) At least 6 of the 9 semester hours must be liberal arts credits. Liberal arts electives include art, music, sociology, history, psychology, anthropology, foreign language, political science, economics and English



  1. Students can apply to any Pharmacy program in which they meet the minimum requirements. The coursework listed above is designed to satisfy SUNY Oneonta's PrePharmacy concentrations and requirements for admission at most Pharmacy graduate schools, but not necessarily all schools. Students have the responsibility to check entrance requirements for schools in which they intend to apply.

  2. It is essential that students in the PreHealth Professional program confer regularly with advisors for these concentrations, beginning at the time of admission to SUNY Oneonta, with questions directed to Ms. Tami LaPilusa, Coordinator of the PreHealth Professions Program SUNY Oneonta.

last update 20 November 2015