A. Courses in the Major

Students must complete a major while they pursue the pre-professional program. Any liberal arts major can be chosen. Some courses in the major should be completed during the first and second year.

B. Courses in the pre-medical and pre-dental programs




BIOL 180-200-201 General Biology I, II & III

1st & 2nd Year

12 s.h.

CHEM 111-112 General Chemistry I & II

1st Year

8 s.h.

COMP 100 - Composition

1st Year

3 s.h.

A literature course

1st Year

3 s.h.

Select two from MATH 173,174 Calculus I & II, or STAT 101 Intro. to Statistics

1st or 2nd Year

7-8 s.h.

CHEM 221-322 Organic Chemistry I & II

2nd or 3rd Year

8 s.h.

PHYS 103-104 General Physics I & II (algebra-based) or
PHYS 203-204 General Physics I & II (calculus-based)

2nd or 3rd Year

8 s.h.

C. Recommended Electives

The courses listed above satisfy the courses required for admission by the great majority of American medical and dental schools. Additional courses in biology and chemistry are recommended, but not required. They might include such courses as:

BIOL 205-206 Human Anatomy and Physiology I & II (8 s.h.)
BIOL 212 General Genetics (4 s.h.)
BIOL 362 Microbiology (4 s.h.)
CHEM 330 Introduction to Biochemistry (4 s.h.)
CHEM 331-332 Biochemistry I & II


  1. Consult current catalog descriptions of courses concerning prerequisites and time of year when offered in order to plan properly in advance.

  2. These programs will satisfy the course requirements for admission at most American medical and dental schools, but not necessarily all schools. Students have the responsibility to check entrance requirements for schools they are interested in.

  3. It is essential that students in pre-professional programs confer regularly with advisors for these programs, beginning at the time of admission to SUNY Oneonta. Questions about the Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental and other pre-health profession programs should be directed to the Pre-Health Professions Advisor.

In 2015, the new MCAT will add coverage in biochemistry, psychology, and sociology. Students planning to take the MCAT in March 2015 or thereafter should take CHEM 331 & 332, PSYC 100, and SOCL 100.