All students in the PreChiropractic Program must declare a primary major.

  • Students are dual advised to ensure timely completion of both major and prehealth professions concentration coursework as of the date of their matriculation.
  • The Primary Major Faculty Advisor assists with selection of courses for the Primary Major Requirements.
  • The PreHealth Advisor guides the student through the PreMedicine Concentration.
  • Students must consult SUNY Oneonta's current undergraduate catalog descriptions of courses regarding course prerequisites and time of year when offered in order to plan properly in advance.
  • The PreChiropractic Concentration coursework will satisfy the course requirements for admission at most American Chiropractic schools, but not necessarily all schools.
  • Students have the responsibility to check entrance requirements for schools to which they intend to apply.

Pre-Chiropractic Concentration*

Required Coursework
TOTAL: 54-57 sh
BIOL 180, 181, 201 12 sh
CHEM 111, 112, 221, 322 16 sh
PHYS 103-104 3 sh
COMP 100 3 sh
COMM 100 8 sh
PSYC 100 3 sh
LITR selection 3 sh
Humanties selections 6-9 sh

*Electives & Chiropractic School Selection: A minimum of 90 s.h. is required for admission to chiropractic schools (*with 15 additional hours in the social sciences and humanities), though many chiropractic school entrants have completed a Bachelor's degree. The courses listed above satisfy the courses required for admission by the great majority of Chiropractic schools. Additional courses are recommended but not required, and depend on specific Chiropractic program prerequisites. Students should review information regarding the Chiropractic schools to which they intend to apply for further information regarded recommended electives.

For additional information regarding becoming a chiropractor visit National Board of Chiropractic Examiners

*PreChiropractic Student Advising: Students in the PreHealth Professional Program should confer with advisors for their Primary Major and specific PreHealth Concentration, beginning at the time of admission to SUNY Oneonta. PreHealth related questions should be directed to Ms. Tami LaPilusa, PreHealth Professions Program Coordinator at SUNY Oneonta. email:

Suggested Course Sequencing:

BIOL 180 (Biology I) 4 sh BIOL 181 (Biology II) 4 sh
CHEM 111 (General Chemistry I) 4 sh CHEM 112 (General Chemistry II) 4 sh
COMP 100 3 sh *MATH 105 3 sh
COMM 100 3 sh PSYC 100 3 sh
CHEM 221 (Organic Chemistry I) 4 sh CHEM 322 (Organic Chemistry II) 4 sh
BIOL 201 (Cell & Molec. Biology) 4 sh PSYC 100 4 sh
Humanities selection 3 sh LITR selection 3 sh
PHYS 103 4 sh PHYS 104 4 sh
Humanities selection 3 sh Humanities selection 3 sh

*Please note: The recommended sequence is based on a student applying to Chiropractic School the summer BEFORE their final year at SUNY Oneonta, and that the student will graduate in four years. If a student wishes to take a bridge year, or take a different undergraduate path, coursework plans can change accordingly. Individual student plans may vary depending on when the student hopes to enter chiropractic school and what primary major is chosen. As a result, each student should work with their primary major advisor and their prehealth advisor to establish their own personalized schedule.

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