Pre-Health Professions


Programs, Recommended Coursework, & Advisement

SUNY Oneonta offers a series of PreHealth Professional Programs to prepare students for admission to schools of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other health professions.

The PreHealth Professional Program includes concentrations in PreMedicine, PreDentistry, PreVeterinary Medicine, PrePhysical Therapy, PreOccupational Therapy, and PrePhysician Assistant. SUNY Oneonta also offers advisement for students planning to apply for admission to optometry, pharmacy, and chiropractic schools. Students are encouraged to consider nationwide and global professional school opportunities.

All students in the PreHealth Professional Program must declare a primary major.

SUNY Oneonta PreHealth Professions students choose from a variety of majors including Biology, Business, Chemistry, English, Music, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish, among others.

Students consult with their primary major advisor and a prehealth professions advisor to ensure timely completion of both major and prehealth professions concentration coursework

Prerequisite coursework in the prehealth professions concentrations consist of a similar suite of coursework during the first 2-3 years.  Students can generally complete all coursework requirements for any of the healthcare professions with any major at SUNY Oneonta.

SUNY Oneonta articulation agreements

Preferred Acceptance at Sage Graduate School in Troy, NY in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy
3 + 3 Early Admission at Upstate Medical University in Physical Therapy
Early Assurrance at the Albany Medical College Center for Physician Assistant Studies

Common prerequisites for PreHealth Professions (suggested year)*

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

BIOL 180-181
CHEM 111-112
PSYC 100 or SOCL 100
STAT 101 or MATH 173-174
COMP 100 & COMM 100
a literature course

BIOL 201 & 212 or BIOL 205-206
CHEM 221-322
STAT 101or MATH 173-174
PSYC 100 or SOCL 100
PSYC 240 or 246 or 274 (or 374)
ECON 111

CHEM 331-332 or 226-330
PHYS 103-104 or 203-204
PSYC 240 or 246 or 274 (or 374)
BIOL 362
BIOL 201 & 212 or BIOL 205-206
an ethics course

*Each health profession and professional school may have minor deviations from this coursework.
*It is each student’s responsibility to confirm with the schools in which they intend to apply the most up to date requirements for a particular school.

For additional information:

Contact Ms. Tami LaPilusa, Coordinator of the PreHealth Professions Program at SUNY Oneonta.

last update 3 December 2015