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Dept. of Political Science
SUNY College at Oneonta
Oneonta, NY 13820
Schumacher Hall 10



Dr. Hoyt M. Jackson Memorial Academic Achievement Award



This award is bestowed annually on a Political Science Major who exemplifies superior academic achievement. The award honors the memory of the Dr. Hoyt M. Jackson, Professor of Political Science, an uncommonly gifted and committed educator who was deeply concerned for his students' welfare. Dr. Jackson, "founded" the Political Science Department as the first member of the College faculty to hold a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Political Science and as the first Chair of the Political Science Department.


1991 John W. O'Rourke
1992 Daren J. Rylewicz
1993 Traci A. Crumb
1994 Robert M. Applebaum
1995 Tracey R. Perlman
1996 Jacqueline M. Gombach
1998-1999 Katharine C. Hattem
1999-2000 Brian M. Showens
2000-2001 Elizabeth Verry
2001-2002 Nicole Salengo
2002-2003 Lisa Witkowski
2003-2004 Whitney Kaufman
2004-2005 Danny Gilchrist
2005-2006 Jerome Slote
2006-2007 Esther Spindler
2007-2008 Kathryn Burkhardt
2008-2009 Alexander Waite
2009-2010 Jessica Lamendola
2011-2012 Stephen Pizzuto