SUNY Oneonta

Dept. of Political Science
SUNY College at Oneonta
Oneonta, NY 13820
Schumacher Hall 10



Arnold S. Harris Memorial Academic Achievement Award



This award is given annually in memory of Arnold S. Harris, an alumnus of the Political Science Department (1969) who manifested both an exemplary, unselfish commitment to public service and uncommon loyalty to his alma mater, Oneonta State College. The award is bestowed annually on a Political Science Major who has not only attained an outstanding academic record but who also shows uncommon promise for a public service career.


1990 Richard P. Barberio
1991 John L. Smith
1992 John W. O'Rourke
1993 Daren J. Rylewicz
1994 Jeffrey T. Squier
1995 James G. Scotland
1996 Tracey R. Perlman
1997 Amy Batson
1998 Peter J. Graves
1999 Aaron K. Smith
2000 Adam C. Lease
2001 Elizabeth M. Verry
2002 Andrew Converse
2003 Bruce C. Rogers
2004 Robert A. Nydam
2005 Tyler J. Obenauf
2006 Matthew Granato
2006 Charles Pizzolo (Fall)
2006 Christopher Rooney (Fall)
2008 Kathryn A. Burkhardt
2009 Stephen Valentin
2010 Edward Hyde Clarke
2012 Joanna Gallo