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facebookThe director of the department's internship program is Dr. Brett Heindl. Please contact him for more information about the program or check this out on facebook!
Phone: 607-436-3923

Washington Internship Programs:

SUNY Brockport's Washington Semester Program

Albany Internship Programs:

New York State Senate Assistants Program (spring only)*

New York State Assembly Session Intern Program (spring only)*

*Note that while these web links may contain application forms, prospective interns must be approved by the Department first and then apply to the programs through the Department. The programs do not accept applications directly from students.

Local and Regional Internships

A limited number of local internship placements are possible throughout the academic year. These internships consist of a strong academic component in addition to a fixed number of hours in the placement setting. Students involved in a local internship can earn 1-3 semester hours of course credit.

Washington D.C. Internships Info Session-All Majors Welcome
Dates To Be Determined. Check back for updates.

For more information, contact Asst. Professor Brett Heindl, Coordinator of Public Affairs Internships for the Political Science department, Schumacher 14F,, 436-3923



Fall 2009 Internship

Department of Homeland Security
Kaitlin Jewell

My name is Kaitlin Jewell, I am a Senior and I am Political Science and Geography dual major. I have really enjoyed my time here at SUNY Oneonta, and I feel that the my experiences and knowledge gained has prepared me for life after graduation. Last Semester I participated in an internship with the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection in Washington DC. It was one of the most exciting experiences I have had in my college career. I was able to get hands on experience, which I think helped me to grow as a student and as a person. During my internship I participated in many inter-office meetings and briefings, and I was able to present my own reports. Being able to view first hand what I would be doing in my potential career, solidified my interest in the office where I was working and my excitement for working with the federal government. My internship experience was extremely rewarding, and has now lead to a career after graduation. I would strongly recommend other students to take advantage of internship opportunities as well.

Government Internships

Students in all academic majors at the College may participate in a variety of public service internships. Interns are assigned to supervised, full-time, full-semester, professional-level placements in the legislative and executive branches of New York State government, federal executive agencies, Congress, interest groups or federal courts. A coordinate academic component incorporates seminars, readings, journals, term papers, etc. Each intern is individually mentored and supervised throughout the internship by members of the Political Science Department. Students benefit greatly from internships in terms of knowledge of politics and government, career exploration, personal growth, self-confidence, computer skills, and writing skills. Alumni of these programs praise them highly.

Intern Courtnie Kirker
2002 NYS Assembly Intern Courtnie Kirker and State AssemblymanJohn McEneny

Intern William Eggler
1996 NYS Assembly Intern William Eggler receives Distinguished Intern Award.