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Dr. Hugh A. Gallagher


Dr. Hugh A. Gallagher
Associate Professor
Office: Physical Science Building Room 130
Voice: (607) 436-3177
Web Page:

Degree: Ph.D. Physics
Graduated From: Boston College
Year: 1997
Year of Joining SUCO: 2000


  • American Association of Physics Teachers

  • American Geophysical Union American Physical Society

Awards/ Honors:

  • NASA Graduate Student Researchers Program Grant Recipient (1992-1995)

  • Boston College Teaching Excellence Award (1989)

Professional Interests:

  • Interaction of the solar wind and the terrestrial magnetosphere

  • Energetics and electrodynamics of auroral processes

  • Radio and optical remote sensing of the upper-atmosphere on local and global scales

  • Electrostatic processes

General Interests:
Hiking and camping, gardening, zymurgy, hockey.

Recent Publications and Presentations:

  • Invited Talk: Gallagher, H.A. and R.A. Greenwald, SuperDARN and UVI Imaging of Large-Scale Ionospheric Electrodynamics, at the 6th Huntsville Modeling Workshop in Guntersville, AL, October 1998.

  • Gallagher, H.A. Jr., R.A. Greenwald, W.A. Bristow, C.-I. Meng, SuperDARN and Polar UVI Estimates of Ionospheric Currents Associated with Substorms, at the American Geophysical Union Spring Meeting in Boston, MA, May 1998.

  • Greenwald, R.A. and H.A. Gallagher, Convection Signatures of Substorms: From Global Scale to Microscale, in: Subtorms-4, edited by S. Kokubun and Y. Kamide, p. 611, Terra Scientific Publishing Company / Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998.

  • Rodriguez, J.V., K. Fukui, C.E. Valladares, H.A. Gallagher, Lengthwise decay of polar cap arcs, J. Geophys. Res., 102, 27227, 1997.

  • Doe, R.A., J.F. Vickrey, E.J. Weber, H.A. Gallagher, S.B. Mende, Ground-based signatures for the nightside polar cap boundary, J. Geophys. Res., 102, 19989, 1997.

  • Gallagher, H.A., R.L. Carovillano, E.J. Weber, and J.F. Vickrey, Plasma flows associated with an auroral arc at the polar cap boundary, in: Auroral Plasma Dynamics, edited by R.L. Lysak, p.81, American Geophysical Union, 1993.

  • Weber, E.J., J.F. Vickrey, H.A. Gallagher, L.A. Weiss, C.J. Heinselman, R.A. Heelis, and M.C. Kelley, Coordinated radar and optical measurements of stable auroral arcs at the polar cap boundary, J. Geophys. Res., 96, 17847, 1991.