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3-2 Engineering Program Requirements


This five-year dual-degree program, in cooperation with engineering schools at SUNY-Buffalo, SUNY-Binghamton, Clarkson College, RPI, and Syracuse University, offers students the opportunity to become professionally-qualified in a specific engineering field, while at the same time achieving capability in a chosen Liberal Arts major. This combination can provide engineers, as well as professionals in other fields, a unique background for contributing to solutions of the many critical, complex, and interdisciplinary problems of modern society. Students in this program attend the College at Oneonta for the first three-years, pursuing one of the following Liberal Arts majors: Business Economics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Meteorology, Physics, Statistics, or Water Resources. At the beginning of the fourth year, students transfer to an engineering school for the completion of the five-year program.

8 s.h.

3 s.h.

15 s.h.

12 s.h.

3 s.h.

Study within the engineering program and primary major as required

Note: Additional courses required in the program depend on the student's choice of Liberal Arts major and Engineering program; they are spelled out in the appropriate engineering program sheets available from the Engineering Program Director.