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Prospective Students


A modern university is one of the most exciting -- yet potentially one of the most perplexing -- places on earth. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the vast array of departments, disciplines, and fields of study. Confronted by thousands of courses from which to choose, it is difficult to be sure one has made "the right choice".

For Philosophy, the situation is further complicated by a lack of information, an air of mystery, and a series of inaccurate but persistent stereotypical images. While the situation differs somewhat in Europe, here in the United States relatively few students enter college expecting to major in Philosophy.

Fortunately, most students at Oneonta eventually find their way into a Philosophy course or two. With rare exception, it proves to be a positive, provocative experience. Student evaluations of instruction are exceptionally high -- consistently above college norms and far beyond what one would expect given the uncertainties and misconceptions evident during the first few weeks of almost every course.

Part of the credit belongs to a stellar Faculty, honored broadly for excellence in teaching, scholarship, and community service.

It is also important to credit the discipline itself. The voices of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Confucius, Lao Tzu, and others speak to the hearts and minds of each new generation.

No matter what major or career path one may eventually choose, philosophical study adds depth, dimension, and a sense of "the big picture". Courses in Logic strengthen critical reasoning skills. Those in Ethics cultivate moral awareness, sensitivity, and responsibility toward both self and others. By developing clarity of thought as well as the ability to express oneself more clearly, Philosophy advances the conditions necessary for success in almost any field.

For many students, one or two Philosophy courses is enough. For others, it is only the beginning. For these exceptional students, we offer a Baccalaureate Major (which can combine to form a powerful Dual Major with nearly every other field) and a flexible Philosophy Minor. As is the case at many institutions, Philosophy provides a popular and excellent preparation for Law School.

If you are still trying to decide which college to attend -- or even whether college is the right choice for you -- please visit the SUNY Oneonta home page to learn more about the history of our institution, take a guided tour of the campus, find out about various sources of financial aid, etc.

To learn more about Philosophy at Oneonta, simply continue to explore the various pages of our web site. You will find course descriptions, a schedule of classes, information about the Philosophy Club, details concerning the Undergraduate Philosophy Conference, and much more. You may even find answers to some of your many questions.

We have a strong, vibrant program. But there is always room -- and need -- for at least one more good student. We would love to have you join us!!