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The Fractal Self Contents

Student Preface
Self and Consequence
  • Hegel And Shankaracharya: On the Non-Dualistic ‘I'
      Priyadarshi Shukla
  • The Nature of Mind In Tibetan Buddhist Ethical Theory
      Daniel J. Bristol
  • Buddha, Kant, and the Ethical Consequences of Suicide
      Katherine Collins
Justice, Freedom, and Responsibility
  • Justice Outside the Polis in Aristotle's Politics and Nicomachean Ethics
      Tara K. Hogan
  • The Freedom That Fear Has Wrought
      Brett Bisgrove
Logic, Language, and Experience
  • An Analysis of Deontic Logic and Chisholm's Paradox
      Matthew A. Ferkany
  • Contextual Influences on Wittgenstein's Philosophy
      Jonathan C. Messinger
  • Intuitions in Conceptual Shape? Misconceptions and Motivations
      Nathan C. Doty
Heidegger, Nietzsche, and the Daoist Sage
  • An Attack On Tradition
      Robert Erlewine
  • Nietzschean Christology
      Christopher Rodkey
  • Heidegger, Lao Tzu and Dasein
      Christopher Martin
Keynote Addresses
  • The Fractal Self and the Organization of Nature: The Daoist Sage and Chaos Theory
      David Jones and John Culliney
  • Reading Socially Engaged Buddhism in Modern America:
    A Case Study of Tibet/Tibetan Buddhism
      Jennifer Manlowe
Conference Program
Oneonta Philosophy Studies

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