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Philosophy Faculty


Jean-Paul Orgeron, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty

My main interests are in the metaphysics of mind. I studied at Tulane University, mostly in the philosophy department. I also spent a year in the departments of psychology and neuroscience, where I learned that I still had much to learn about the organ between our ears. My research examines prephilosophical, spatial foundations for linguistic and mental representations through the use of psychological work on statistical learning and perceptual development. I consider interdisciplinary approaches essential to good philosophical analysis, in particular for questions in cognitive science.

In fall 2017 term I will offer Ethics. I regularly teach Introduction to Philosophy (with a decidedly mind/body theme) in addition to Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science, and Theories of Knowledge.

Fall 2017 Office Hours: by appointment

Winter in the Catskills.

Dr. Jean-Paul Orgeron