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Chris Keegan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

I tell my students, "If your first intention in coming to college is to become a philosophy major, something is wrong with you." Philosophy is something we serendipitously find along the way while searching for something else. I started college as a physics major, slowly transitioned to English as a sophomore, and finally arrived at philosophy by the beginning of my junior year. My interests then and now concern the moral, political, and social issues that surround us, often in a hidden way.

When I arrived at SUNY Oneonta in 2006, I held a joint appointment in Africana and Latino Studies and Philosophy, which is why almost all of my courses are cross-listed between these two departments (with the exception of Contemporary Black Political and Social Thought, which is cross-listed in Political Science). When I received tenure, my appointment was shifted fully into Philosophy, but my courses and research remain connected to Africana and Latino Studies. I regularly teach Urban Philosophical Dilemmas, Ethics, Introduction to Philosophy, Latin American Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Protest, Social and Political Philosophy, and Citizenship, Identity, and Democracy.

Currently, I have a book contract with Cognella Press dealing with the immediate application of philosophy to issues we confront daily - drugs, crime, prisons, racism, snitching, street art, environmental problems, factory farming, zoos, welfare reform, health care, education reform, same-sex marriage, Internet dating, objectification, the life of a philosopher, jobs, corporations, and many other things. Or better put, I am writing about immediate issues to demonstrate the need for philosophical thinking. This book is scheduled for publication in fall of 2014.