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Philosophical Dreams


Table of Contents
(subject to revision)

Of God and Children
Faith and Reason in Action: Abraham, Kierkegaard, and Incommensurability
Mancy Pendergrass -- Belmont University
The Suffering of Innocents: A Reply to Ivan Karamazov
John A. Houston -- Binghamton University

Animal Rights and Social Justice
Animal Rights in a Kantian Framework
Jason R. Ohliger -- SUNY Oneonta
Legitimacy in the Liberal State: Political, not Metaphysical
Adrian M. Viens -- University of Toronto

Philosophy of Art
Tractatus Musicus
Kristin Benton-Guerriero -- Belmont University
Originality and Art
J. Jordyne Wu -- Dartmouth College

Philosophy of Language and Mathematics
A Response to the Case Against Compositionality:
Universal Sufficient Applicability Conditions
Sara L. Friedemann -- UW-Madison
Zeno, Motion and the Mathematics of Infinity
Justin K. Dimmel -- Hartwick College

History of Philosophy
Hume: A Most Successful Enquiry
Jessica Gordon -- Wheaton College
Nietzsche and Socrates: 1869-1879
Adam Arola -- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

A Little Bit of “Nothing”
Nishida’s Essential Tension: The Paradox of Experience
Nate Zuckerman -- Haverford College
Nagarjuna and Derrida: East Meets West With Deconstruction?
Litsa E. Williams -- Saint Mary’s College of Maryland

Keynote Addresses
Human Identity: Buddhist and Psychoanalytic Perspectives
John M. Koller -- Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Working the Natural/Artificial Distinction: The Role of Technology in Shaping Humanity
Joseph C. Pitt -- Virginia Tech