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Children of Athena Contents


Student Preface

Classic Philosophical Issues

  • Temporal Incongruity in Zeno of Elea and its Philosophical Consequences

      Jeffery M.J. Murphy

  • Does the Ontological Argument Need Salvaging? An Analysis of St. Anselm's and Plantinga's Theistic Proofs

      Erin Kathleen Carter

  • Putnam, Realism and Perception

      Clinton Tolley

Asian and Comparative Philosophy

  • Great Perfection: The Practical Phenomenology of Tibetan Buddhism

      Daniel J. Bristol

  • Counter-Intuitive Ethics

      Meghan Tadel

Poetry and Metaphor

  • The Thinker as Poet

      Robb E. Eason

  • Nietzsche's Use of Metaphor

      John Hartmann

Textual Analysis

  • Wittgensteinian Hermeneutics? Preliminary Sketch of a Reading of Wittgenstein's On Certainty in Comparison to Ricoeur's From Text to Action

      Kevin Goetz

  • “Hear Say Yes in Joyce”: Otherness, Gender, and Derridian Repetition

      Litia Perta

  • A Critical Re-Evaluation of the Esoteric Character of Maimonides' Guide of the Perplexed

      Michael Frazer

Human Nature

  • Apollonian, Dionysian and Socratic Views: A Nietzschian Exegesis

      G. J. Schwenk

  • Anti-Essentialism and Re-Identification

      Michael D. Day

Keynote Addresses

  • Contemporary Analytic Philosophy as Reflected in the Work of Monty Python

      Gary Hardcastle

  • When Artists Read Philosophers: From Modernism to Postmodernism

      Jere Paul Surber

Conference Program
Oneonta Philosophy Studies

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