Model Southern African Development
Community Parliamentary Forum (MSADC-PF)
March 26, 2011

SADC Guidelines

SADC Issues

What is it?
As part of the 2011 New York State African Studies Association (NYASA) annual meeting (March 25-26), the Department of Africana and Latino Studies is sponsoring a student organized and operated Model SADC (Southern African Development Community)  Parliamentary Forum.   The first of its kind in the nation, the Model SADC-PF seeks to encourage students to engage in the contemporary debates and issues within Southern Africa and develop research and oratory skills through experiential hands-on learning.

SADC, an organization established originally as a coalition of countries known as the Frontline States in opposition to white minority rule in South Africa and then Southwest Africa, has evolved since the independence of Namibia and Zimbabwe and the advent of majority rule in South Africa.  Over time it has evolved into a pan-regional organization that addresses many issues, to include economic, political, environmental and social.  

In the aftermath of FIFA 2010 and the movement toward monetary union in Southern Africa, SADCs institutional strengths and commitment to regional cooperation and development make this organization particularly invaluable for study and discussion. 

How and When?
Students from throughout the region will participate in the simulation on March 26. 2011 from 9:30--5:00. 

Competition is open to College Students.  As delegates representing one of the fourteen (14) SADC countries, the students will research three preselected issues for discussion and resolution passage at the MSADC-PF. Students will be scored on three equally weighted performance factors: 

  1. Accurate representation of country;
  2. Research (as evidenced in position papers and substantive contribution to debate and resolutions) and resolution writing; and
  3. Mastery of diplomatic skills to include parliamentary procedures.

Awards will be decided by the organizing committee and consist of:

  1. Exemplary Performance
  2. Outstanding Performance
  3. Honorable Mention

All students will be presented with certificates of participation. Out of town students may choose to stay overnight at their own cost (see conference website).

The registration fee for the MSADC-PF is free for students and includes cost of refreshments and the awards ceremony. 

Contact:  Robert Compton, MSADC-PF Coordinator @  or (607) 436-3048